Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ramesses " Take the curse"

Here's an extremely Heavy album from Ramesses called " Take the curse" which is an album I have been currently listening to like mad. This is an album which is starkly heavy and has immense riffs of sludgness. The atmosphere is very grisly with vocals which are brutally low, yet mellow and smooth in another moments to bring indescribable sorrow.
Indeed,this is simply music of Horror Guitars are grimly tone which conveys a foulness of sound so fierce and ferocious, like a merciless demoniac giant pounding humans to an unbelievable pulp to the point which makes their recognition completely unknown and scarce as he froths wildly in his mouth while uttering beastly roars to ultimately cause DESTRUCTION....and so does this Music

Warning! Eardrums might hopelessly shatter when the music commences.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Earthride - Something Wicked

Again, Earthride never ceases to be amazingly heavy. Their new album, as I predicted, is wonderful. This is basically they same as the other albums but meatier and uglier. Dave on this album has a lot of inner anguish he unleashes, with a tremendous amount of brain-rattling riffs to put you in awe. I simply can't say anymore about this album ...because it's beyond words, or at least my words.

Monday, May 31, 2010

In memory of Phil Markonish Blood Farmers.

In memory of Phil Markonish. AKA; Dr.Phibes. With all due respects, to the man who played in Blood Farmers for a short period of time I feel obliged to post their Demo, permanent Brain Damaged. You may or not know that this is the only material he has done with Blood Farmers when he was part of the band before he left. The Demo, itself, is amazingly groovy, with Riffs that are so crushing that can possibly break your balls. To show our regards, I suggest, we play it loudly, because he was a man who loved the loud. R.I.P, man. Very unfortunate to the people who are grieving about this death.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Currently I've been listening to Pentagram- Sub-basement. The album has a monstrous tone and is catchy as hell, no doubt the best album when comes to the late penta era. It is, after all, a impressive album and certainly measures up to their early works. Bobby liebling voice on this album is stronger than ever (considering how Feeble it was on the previous album) and shall groove you, if nothing else. All in all, the album is frantically catchy and has riffs that endlessly linger in your head.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Arthur Brown - The crazy world of arthur brown

Alright, lets get started. I'm in the mood to post some 60 progressive Rock, from the legendary arthur brown. He's clearly among the most unique artists in the 60'. It's quite palpable, actually. Just by looking at his garb gives you sinister vibes, and it;s coming from the 60's. The generation of love and peace, Yet there were some bad-apples that stood out, being grim. Bringing a frightful concert to the crowd, making a possibly shuddersome show for them as well, if nothing else. He distinguish himself being evil and strange in era about being colorful & happy and anything of that sort. From a subjective point of view, I think, his music probably had a great influnce upon alice cooper when he started . thus the make-up and dark vibes in the music, as you can see and hear. It's likely to be true, but I haven't heard any fact about it. Naturally, I would look into it but I don't give a hoot fuckin' hell at this moment, sorry. Looking for stuff on the net gets me outraged sometimes and gives me the tendency to hurl records at people, so I'll like to avoid that at all costs.
Anyway, to say the least, the music is frenzidly catchy and has wicked rhythms. To let you know, incidentally, I got turned insane by how catchy his music is and got sent to the asylum several week back, all due to the fact that I couldnt stop thinking about nothing else but his damn music . But no worries now, I'm virtually sane nowadays because of the gaggle of meds I take daily, cheerio

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grand Magus - Grand Magus

My music uploading had been in hiatus for a bit, but I'm back with my naive gibberish. Currently I've been scarcely looking for bands and my exploration has been poor, due to the fact I'm lazy and unmotivated to search, but I have music to upload nonetheless. At present, I've been listening grand magus-S/T. I got this on vinyl some weeks back and it's a genuine Blusey, crusher to lull us by it's belching riffage, of sudgey heaviness. This album is certainly satisfying to the people who enjoy heavy music and feverishly lust for it. A very appropriate album if you're in a orgy of heavy music and in the need to find more bands to gratify it, this is the one. I assure you. This album roots back when the had pure heavy rock aspects in their music and played great heavy rock. Unlike those power/traditional aspects they incorporate in their music, these days, which makes them cheese ridden now , if nothing else. The album is their deput and it's a hell of a first album. As matter of fact, it's their best. The others don't measure up to this one...But hey, that's my opinion, of course. It's up to you to decide and see in your view. I can tell you this, of course. It's great! Well, anyway, I'm happy to upload and exploit the crushing madness in the blog for your access.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Lamb Of Thoth - Portents,Omen & Doom

I liked this Fuckin' album immensely when I checked it out less than a week ago. I tend to like these humorous Doom bands. Yet I always overlook the fuckers. The Lamb Of Thoth its a king-hell bastard of a listen, there music is insuppressibly catchy....And they're up the traditional vein, making some of the best sounds in the genre and are outright unique. They have to be my favorite band, of late, that I'm listening to. As I said before, with saint vitus, download or get fucked. It's rather simple if you think about it.

Indeed! so don't be a shameless loser and get fucked.

Your mouse is summon to go here, please! Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tyrant (pre-Saint Vitus) -Demo 79

The unreal,rare Saint Vitus demo 79, This demo harks back when the band called themselves tyrant, as it were. When Dave chandler went berserk on the mic with a full-throttle, energetic howl until the bellow gallant, scott reagers came along. As far as I know this is the festering embryo of Doom ready to be unleashed to the world and endeared to the Heavy Freaks. This demo,by the way , got released on vinyl recently, but it's a bastard to find..I'm just under the impression it sold out in sudden quickness because of how obscure it is.But the MP3 rather satisfying. Anyway, this demo is ultimately essential to any kind of vitus Fan. In fact, it's a fuckin' paramount demo in which any other doom demo's are meaningless in comparison to this one........It's a king-hell bitch of a demo. So......Download this or get fucked.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pale Divine - Thunder perfect mind

After my digestion of Pale Divine - Thunder perfect mind today I'd like to lash them on my blog and write some gibberish about them and hopefully you will take the time to download this and digest it yourself,too, if you haven't already

This band is most likely to jerk your attention away by their thunderous grooves of misery which cultivates a gloomy atmosphere that never dulls out and hammers down powerful riffs of awesome on end. The whole album is consistent of power, misery, and groove and is wonderfully incessant of riffs that hammer down and muscle grooves which never stop flowing smoothly . Putting that aside, there's a guest appearance of the legendary Bobby liebling in this album and he puts on a stellar voice for their cover 20 buck spin and does vocals for their own song called "Dark Night" fantastic!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Orodruin -Epicurean_Mass

Lately I've been driven mad,like a Doom fiend, by all this crushing madness and sorrowful grooves . But then again, am I always? It's certainly a boon to me anyhow. I have a lot of good music in my access and a fistful of fucking dollars to spend on it. I feverishly download, buy albums to the peak where I have staggering pile ready to tip at any minute. And yes, the tangents are necessary. I just had the urge to lash something that will make this description extraneous, like someone who may be a trifle crazy, or entirely.....that is. Well, finally, lets get on the focal of this description and get my head straight - It's twisted. All right lets leave the weirdness behind us now, before you lose your interest. Orodruin - I cite this band as traditional doom, but anybody who is familiar with the genre can easily cite that, too. I remember I showed this to a friend and he said " this is the clutch of doom" I resented his comment and said "No" . I guess they dimly resemble them with the riffs, but I wouldn't call them " the clutch of doom" sounds silly. The band generates a sound of riffs that crush smoothly and makes an impact of galloping misery to blot you out of your senses and put you in pain and anguish. The vocalist bellows such depressing, wizardry.

This album, beyond any doubt, is one of the best doom albums out there to find. I suggest, if your doom (or heavy) freak, to download this so it can bless you with misery and pain, to loom an ungodly darkness in your presence and put you in your Doom. Also, get groggy from liquor so you can cope with this experience and not go mad, Freaks.

If you download this and listen to it. Once your finished, sit and think about it, in calm retrospect, was this album worth it....hhmmm "It certainly fucking was" that's what you should say inside your head. If not, balefully look at my blog and spam it with your fucking hooey if you want.

Hour of 13- Hour 13

Hour of 13 are weirdly hypnotic - Accumulating influences from merciful fate, pentagram, and saint vitus, among other doom heavies. Their monotonous rhythms of the occult are baffling and strange. Saying that, their music prompts you in an inescapable trance which locks you in a creepy,cold atmosphere that jangles your brain to insanity and whitens your hair. The guitars are evilly crushing and gritty, plaguing the listener with horrors. The sound, in all, is terrific sounds of heaviness and isn't scarce to crush.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Minsk Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead nor Alive

Sinister-sounding psychedelia, coming from the maddeningly depths of Hell - Where demons make horrific sounds of Sludge. Which , of course, is Minsk. Yes, Minsk is neurosis-like, but they're not one of those bands that blatantly rips them off and puts a different name for themselves. If you know what I mean.....In fact,This band is virtuous for making heavy,original sounds, with some agonizingly mellow rhythms here and there. They don't bastardize neurosis, like a lot of other bands do - which is all right to an extent. This band has a terrific flow, with crushing guitars caked with sludge and tribal, lulling melodies that intermingle. Fuck, my wits get blown away every time I listen to this band as I proclaim "wicked" This band arisen from Peoria, Illnois, to make a wide-spread of shattered minds induced by their MUSIC
Beware, once downloaded, you will inevitably come to your Doom........In-Search-For-The-Heavy
is not scarce about bring
ing the crushing madness to your access .....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lord Vicar - FEAR NO PAIN

It's time for some sorrowful Doom to start this day out, for good or bad. Lord Vicar emerged from Sweden and contains Ex-members from Revered bizarre and Count Raven, to make the manifestation of an enormous,Heavy Dirge. Their booming, crushing riffs saddens many, traps them in a web of misery and chills their spines relentlessly. This is a king-size Doom heavy, so be prepared when you Download this.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Gates of Slumber - Suffer no Guilt

It's Sunday and I've just awoken from a very restful snooze. Anyway This gates of slumber album has been belching out of my speakers lately, and it's such a crusher that's irresistible not to listen to, much less think about . Their Heavy is loose and powerfully crushing, conjuring up a gang of vikings pounding their feet and bellowing madness, in a violent battle that harks back centuries ago...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ramesses - Baptism Of The Walking Dead Ep

Ramesses, consisting of ex-members from Electric Wizard - The band has a fouled up sound of sludge and filth. I had this album hoarded away in my music folder for awhile and hardly gave it listens until today, where I decided to and got amazed on why I haven't listen to this album more times than I should have.. I got totally pulled away by their deadly sloth. Their rhythms are dark and sinister - attention grasping..... haunting growls and meaty sounding guitars. How could you not get locked up in a frenzied binge with these guys? It's nearly in impossible not to. Now listen and lure yourself in Ramesses a binge


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

uffomammut - Lucifer song...

As I was about to write this I notice something strange come out of my speakers. This reddish gas started coming out and loomed a haze over my room and spooked me, then suddenly I realized I had Uffomamut on play and calmed down, quickly. It was certainly a experience to freak anybody out - Getting menaced by crushing sounds, shit. Weird stuff occurs when you have Uffomamute on play and always makes an unreal anecdote to tell..... This band, as we know, emerged from the bowels of hell and has a fetish for monstrously fuzzed out gutiars, played to full-bore to churn up a hell-broth sound to shatter and blacken the realities of the world - Whooping up an ungodly atmosphere, cluttered with dirt and psyched out grime, placed with demoniac vocals, reverberating in swirls which makes HELLUVA grooves...

This album bulldozed out in 2005, for the notion to impend an apocalypse, thus them calling it Lucifer Song..........

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wooly Mammoth

Try to imagine a Wooly Mammoth walking about,However big, hearing it stomp loudly and the fuzzy hair blow in the wind. If you can do that, then you got at least a vague idea of how heavy this band is......Quite massive.

The band employs a sound of mercilessly crushing riffs,coming from fuzz-ridden guitars to create some wild, strong rumbling rhythms to boom violently out of your speakers and stomp you like Wooly Mammoth in the stark-cold.

This band, these days, aren't releasing anything new sadly, but they have a fantastic deput released in 2006 by Underdogma Records - Called The Temporary Nature

Unsane - Total Destruction

Seems like I habituated a routine to upload an album daily, now..... hopefully I can manage to keep the habit and not get lazy and kill it. We'll see what happens, whether I can pull it off or not. And besides, I feel more incline to post more often these days because of my sheer boredom that haunts me endlessly. And this slightly kills it, if you know what I mean. Anyway, here I have an album from Unsane - the shambling, misery - stricken heavies - I believe that's apt remark to call them as, with their janglingly,noisey sounds of heaviness. Unsane - Is one of those bands that are genuinely unique who can't be specifically label as a genre, so I won't bother with that. So this is their third album, made right after when their original drummer died, from OD of heroin -which is rather unfortunate....Released in 1993, as it were, by Atlantic Records ...They emerged from new york and are cited as an influential band for noise-rock . ....This album, for me, consists of the right ingredients and orgies of sounds to generate something mean & ferocious....A fearsome distortion, noise-ridden instruments, and a shuddering screech of hate, giving you tremors and exhilaration at the same time. This is certainly an album not to overlook, unless you're lame-headed and boring.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Unorthodox - Asylum

Well it's friday morning and it behooves me to upload another album by Unorthodox, who are an awesome band and I happen to be delved into their music on this dreary morning in E-Town. This is their debut and has to be one of the best albums-beyond doubt-ever released . Unorthodox, as I know, used to be called Ayslum and had a very obsessed- like sound, as it were , then they subsequently changed their name to Unorthodox, and got hooked up by a label called HellHound from Germany. This is a progressive heavy, a lot more progressive than the last album I uploaded ......But it happens to be more mind-bending and spellbinding than the one below

Fenriz' Red Planet & Nattefrost - Engangsgrill (Split)


Last-night I came across this band called "Fenriz red planet " by fenriz from Darkthrone. His new project is very cool and badass. Right now I'm instantly drawn to upload and hastily post it. Anyway, the sound is pentgram-like and has a venomous rhythm of doom, played so evilly and harsh, as if they're maddened Satan-worshippers playing heavy music, summoning the dark spirits from beyond - Making the impending of an Apocalypse in a moonful night....Getting you scared shitless and tearful as you hear an orgiastic ritual of doom, worshiped by pentagram, but played in a more primitive and queer way. Which is wicked.( hahah that description was a bit over the top)

Seriously, this is a great Split (well, mainly freniz red planet part) that has the nice aspects of traditional doom in it. And it's nice to see Fenriz doing a doom project that turned out to be good and worthy among heavy listeners. And the other part of the album hardly matters to talk about.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amon Duul ii - Phallus Dei

Amon Duul is clearly a bizarre band, coming from Germany and are labeled as kruat-rock. I find their music to me an original listen and has the potential to put you in a Mind-Fuck state. Their sound has that insane, perverse feel to it, which gives you the spooks and trembles at times. I was listening to them lastnight and it dug it immensely, for the love of weird/psyche sounds that puts you in an odd state, where you question your own sanity............... Every time I listen to this band I conjure up scenes in Alejandro Jodowsky movies, especially el Topo - which one of the strangest and most mind-fucked movie's ever made......A phenomenal mind-fuck, for a western. To put everything,in short- Amon duul ii - is a garage-like, experimental, psychedelic band.

Jex Thoth - Totem

Another sleepless night for me, and I'm near my triumph to pull an all nighter. Once the sun peaks out - that's when I know I've down it.... Surprisingly, I'm only trifle tired and cranked up on the heavy which keeps me going on these sleepless nights......Shit, a weird tangent. Lets get to the stuff that matters, like my ill-written descriptions for Heavy music. Well,shit, I always get the tendency to act loony-like when I'm bored and sleepless. Big deal. Plus it lengthens my page, for that matter........ Anyway, I shall present you with something that has a melancholy,heavy sound, like Totem by Jex Thoth. ... The same album that has been lulling me tonight.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Godflesh - Godflesh

I tend to overlook good bands sometimes, for a weird reason that's beyond me. ...GodFlesh is one of them, I've seen them around very often and had never checked them out until now - which was a mistake. They're a super-unique band, and have a lot to offer in their sound. I was listening to them today, and thought, they needed to be in my blog. They got an odd combination of elements, stretching to out sludge, grind, and industrial. This is certainly a heavy-boggle, with a meaty riff frenzy,to top it off with strange industrial sounds. The ingredients for something booming.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Zoroaster - S/T

For the past several days I've been listening to the great band " Zoroaster" And, in the feeling to get some uploading done I feel prompted to get their Deput(Demo) uploaded on my jangled blog. This is certainly a crusher of a sort - In the vein of Sleep,eyehategod, among other heavies......hhmmmmm...Their sound is powerfully sludgy, like a slug getting amplified underneath of him and has the speakers cranked up to the highest volume,so to speak. All I can say, really, is if you're crazed on bands like Sleep & Eyehategod, then check this out. You are likely to enjoy this album at a great cost.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Gates Of Slumber - Awakening

The Gates of The Slumber debut is indubitably crushing - A spreeing of Bulldozer riffs . I found their debut to be quite different from the rest of their albums, I figure they had a less of traditional influence on this album, more or less rougher sound than their others. In brief - It's pancake-flatingly Heavy Doom!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Unorthodox- Balance Of Power

Amongst the maryland bands, Unorthodox comes off as the cusp of the scene. The cream of the corp,so to speak. They should get endeared to all the heavyheads world wide by their pleasurable heaviness. Unorthodox, for instance, has a mind-bending progressive element to their music, with variable patterns and a strong muscle build-up. Their sound is certainly spellbinding which unmercifully lingers in your head and never relents. Sometimes it gives you a burden because of how catchy they are. Such soulful music that it can even empower your own soul.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Iron man - I've Returned

I've been listening to the New IronMan crazily for the past couple days, as it were. Now I finally feel obliged on uploading the fucker so you guys can experience the awesomeness of it - which is singular raw, evil doom metal at it's finest. This is a very impressive return for the band...Hence them calling their album I've returned!!!

Hope this Heavy bends your mind in every way possible.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Blood Farmer's song

The new cover for the Blood farmer's album looks terrific. I'm very hopeful that things will turn out wicked. This is where the heavy is at for 2010.
An absolutely crushing song. A strong tone, a wild groove. I have good expectations for their new album. Something to definitely look forward to.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The New HOF Song is an UGH-STRUCK

I just listened to the New High On fire track and found it to be a stone-bummer that matt pike is soulless nowadays. It's a fucking mockery of cliche metal, mixed with some old high on fire elements . A terrible kind of heavy, as it seems. In any case, The band has slandered themselves with this garbage. They rendered their potential on making a great album, to shit-metal for money and waterhead fans. I can't believe a prominent musician like Matt Pike in the Doom/Heavy Genre is brazen about releasing music like this......Geeez!!! what the hell happen? you totally crippled my hopes for your new album, and for any other album after that. I don't even wanna go to anymore live HOF shows, either. To hell with your shit mike, you suck!

Fucking shucks! I even have the inclination to throw all my Hof albums in the dumpster because of how disappointed I am.
I found this entertaining interview with wino on the RoadBurn site . It's a good read. Wino talks about new vitus material in the works, and possibly a new album. In my case, I'm a bit leery about it because when bands get back together their new material tends to be bad. But Vitus, on the otherhand, hasn't released any thing bad. So the possibilities of the new album look promising because of their consistency. We shall wait and see.

David Pehling of recently conducted an interview with Metal Legend Scott “Wino” Weinrich (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, The Hidden hand and Shrinebuilder) . A few excerpts from the chat follow below. It seems like all the Saint Vitus concerts have focused on the classic era material since the initial reunion you did since 2003. Is there any talk about writing new material or recording together again?

Weinrich: We have and we are. We’re writing some stuff right now. Everybody’s pretty busy. I know I’ve been busy. The Wino band is pretty much on hiatus right now. So it looks like we’ll be doing some recording in the near future. The bottom line is we would like to do a new record. There’s talk about it. We’ve already been floating around a couple ideas. So yeah, somewhere down the line there will be a new Vitus record in the cards.”

Scott Wino Weinrich - Roadburn 2009 I was sorry to hear about the passing of bassist Jon Blank in May. Do you have plans on more solo album work in the future?

Weinrich: “I’m starting to think about that more now. I’m pretty sure Southern Lord and Greg [Anderson, co-founder of the Southern Lord label and member of modern doom bands Sunn O))) and Goatsnake] will be behind me whatever I decide. Jean-Paul is a fantastic drummer. Jon Blank’s passing was really sad, but the guy we got to replace him [Brian White, who played in the band Dog Fashion Disco] is amazing too. When the Wino band went on tour with Clutch this summer, we had some really great shows and we got some good responses for some of our newer tunes. I’d really like to record another record.”

“When Jon died, we were doing a month long tour supporting Clutch. So basically when he died I was unsure about what to do. And Jean Paul said ‘Why don’t you come on the bus with us and open up the tour acoustic?’ And I was pretty floored. That’s pretty daunting, to play acoustic for a Clutch show, you know?”

“But I went ahead and did it and that’s when I realized there might be something there. I’ve had people tell me they’d like to see an acoustic record. I thought about it for a while and now I’m leaning towards doing a combination of both. Some acoustic songs and some electric songs that we’ve worked up…I’m thinking that might be good. So that’s what I’m thinking about right now, but it could change.” That’s interesting, because in the research I was doing I came across an interview where you said the American roots of doom can be traced back to Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams. I’d hadn’t heard any metal musicians make that connection before, but there’s obvious a common thread there. I was going to ask if you ever contemplated stripping your music down to bare elements and recording an acoustic album; obviously you have.

Weinrich: “Sort of, yeah. When people call me the godfather of doom, I’ll tell you the godfather of doom was Hank Williams. He’s the real godfather of doom [laughs]. I think if you look back to that music, there are a couple of Woody Guthrie songs that are unbelievably dark. And I recently discovered Townes Van Zant. He’s a more modern guy. I can’t sit there and listen to everything he’s done, but his life and whole trip was rather sad.”

“I’ve always been more attracted to the darker types of music. I’ve always been more attracted to melancholy, sadder — for lack of a better word — doom-y kind of stuff. And some of their music fits right in there. The music that I’m making today and that Saint Vitus has always made reflects the mood of the time. Now the United States and the world at large are kind of in a rough time. I think people need music that isn’t so happy and poppy, at least in my opinion. This kind of music fills that gap between your hip hop and your dance type stuff and your real sappy pop.”

“The hair metal bands have gone their way, and what’s stayed true? The real gut-level, heavy stuff and that’s where we’re at. The most important think to notice is we’ve never changed. We’ve always stayed true to our music and to ourselves. To me that’s the most important thing. I have stood by my art. That’s what it is. It’s my art and nobody’s going to f–k with my art and I’m not going to f—–g sell it to anybody.”

“There are times when I’ve doubted my lifestyle. There are times when I think to myself ‘Man, you know, I never learned a trade.’ Sometimes I think about how it would nice to have a more stable trip with a 9-to-5 or whatever. But when it come down to it, this is what I do. This is what I love. You’ve just got to keep going.”

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I just recently found this interview of Dave Chandler. As soon as I finished reading the interview I knew that my blog needed it because of how well done it is. Dave Chandler, who is one of the most influential guitarist in heavy music, his inspiration stretches out to a lot of the heavy genres, such as heavy rock, grunge, sludge, and of course doom metal. Heavy is his virtue.He's one of the musicians who never gave a hoot in hell on what crowd he was playing for, whether it was metal fans or punks, he just played. Or even if it was for 10 people, he played. Whereas others would walk off, but Dave had integrity for his art. Seeing Saint Vitus was beyond reality, a brain-shattering experience. I feel fortunate that i've seen one of their reunion shows in NYC!!

So here, read and enjoy

Saint Vitus interview with Dave Chandler

Dave Chandler. Saint Vitus. There is really no way to sum up the impact of those names within the confines of an introduction to an interview. So I will just say this... it is an honor to present this to you, the story of one of the greatest American guitarists in heavy music's history. He doesn't do many interviews, mainly because he's busy as hell, but also because of some misquotes and bad interviews in the past. So here it is, word-for-word, from the man himself.

HSS: OK, let me ask you about your earliest memories of music. Did you grow up in a house with parents playing records, or did you find your own stuff as a teenager? What was the first record you heard that blew you away?

DAVE CHANDLER: I grew up in pretty much a " geek" household. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't have asked for better parents, but the only musical influence I got was from TV. I would see stuff like Sinatra or Sammy Davis on variety shows, and I saw the Beatles & Stones on the Ed Sullivan show. But when I saw the Monkees I knew I wanted to be in a band!! The first song that got me was "Jam Up and Jelly Tight " I think it was by Tommy Roe... then I heard the Alice Cooper Group & that really changed my world!

HSS: So, what was the first guitar you ever got?

DC: Like most people I started with a used acoustic, then a cheap electric, & when my parents saw that I was serious they bought me my first Gibson SG.

HSS: On that note, who were your first jam buddies? Did you have any bands before Vitus? Do your time in any cover bands?

DC: I was never in a "cover" band ( although Vitus did cover Judas Priest "Cheater" when we first started ). Mark Adams & I started playing together just after high school. We did originals... that way no one could say we played it wrong.... because we wrote it!

HSS: So you and Mark start jamming. When do Armando and Scott Reagers enter the picture, and how soon after did you guys start doing Tyrant?

DC: In 1978, within a couple of months of us being a band, a friend of ours decided that he wanted to be the singer, so we were letting him do that. He had seen an ad that Armando put up ‘drummer looking for a band’ at a local music store, so he called him and Armando came over to my house and listened to me and Mark. He thought it would be good to do something together and he had a rehearsal space. So we went over there, and we got another mutual friend of ours to play bass because Mark was playing rhythm guitar at the time.

After a few months, the bass player decided that he wanted to play pop music, because new wave was really popular at the time, so he went to go do that. Armando suggested that Mark be the bass player and not have two guitarists, so Mark went out the next day and bought a bass. The line up stayed the same through out most of ’78 except for when we got rid of the singer because he just wasn’t doing the job. Armando had a friend that could sing like Rob Halford and, at the time, we wanted to be like Judas Priest, so we decided to take him on. He stayed with us until our first show, which was in Aug. ’79, and he showed up to the show wearing girl’s clothes, jewelry and makeup, so after the show I fired him.

We decide to be a trio, with me singing, and we stayed that way for six to eight months. All we were playing was backyards and house parties; we didn’t have any other club shows. We were having a party at my house one night and I was so loaded I forgot the words to my own songs. Scotty was there, and he was singing the words at me, so after about a month of trying to convince him, he decided to join and be our singer. I always knew he was a natural because he could always mimic the singer of any band that we would listen to. Then we started playing whichever clubs would hire us and we were using the name Tyrant, which is the name we had for our first show in ’79. By now we were sounding more like Black Sabbath and realized that that was the type of music that we wanted to play. When we found out there were a lot of other bands named Tyrant, we took our name from the black Sabbath song Saint Vitus Dance and we have been Saint Vitus ever since.

HSS: There are some Tyrant recordings out there. Ever thought of releasing them? The die-hard fans would go nuts.

DC: The only Tyrant recording, that I know of, is a four-song demo with the singer that we had before Scotty and the only copies anyone has are on cassette. There is no way of mixing it for a release, so any copies that are out there, are all that anyone can get. I wouldn’t want to release anything without mixing it and the guys that recorded it originally kept of all the originals.

HSS: You guys started jamming in 1979, but didn't release the first album until 1984 right? Give us some insight into those first 5 years of the band. Were you doing a lot of shows, and is that how you met up with Greg Ginn to release your first record?

DC: We were playing as many shows as we could at clubs, and house parties, usually for no pay. We were doing a show at a local club and the SST band Overkill came to our show to pass out flyers for their upcoming show. They were trying to be a punk /metal cross over band (they would have been one of the first). They were looking for bands to play with them and knew that we had a tiny connection to the punk rock scene because Scotty was friends with the original bass player for the Circle Jerks. They asked us if we would open for them at a couple of shows and we said ‘'Sure why not?'’ They booked a show with us, and being a Black Flag fan, I asked if there was any way that they could get someone from Black Flag to come to one of our shows. I didn’t think anyone would, but I was just curious to see what their opinion of us would be if they did show up. It turns out that Greg, Chuck and Henry came out to the show.

After our set was done, Chuck approached us and said that they liked us, and asked us if we would like to do a record with them. Of course we said yes and right away they booked us to do some punk rock shows, and the first one was with them (Black Flag). We did this, along with all the normal parties and shows we did on a regular basis, all the way up until 1982 when we recorded the first album and it was supposed to be released that year. That was during the time when Black Flag got into their infamous lawsuit (around 1982) putting a halt to any SST releases, including their Damaged album, until the lawsuit was settled. Within those two years, we just did shows up and down the west coast and Arizona with punk and metal bands. When the record was finally released, in around November 1984, we went on our first national tour supporting Black Flag (Dec. of ’84).

HSS: The Black Flag connection and the story of those shows are a huge part of the lore of your band. Usually I hear that the hardcore crowd hated you guys... sometimes I hear that you bludgeoned them and won them over. So which is it? And going back now, what moment or show stands out more than any other?

DC: Both depictions are correct and there were many things that stood out, but mainly our first punk rock show. We were the first ones on, and I believe there were three other bands and Black Flag headlined. The stage was about a foot tall from the ground up and the place was completely jammed packed with about 400 crazy punk rockers who gave us absolutely no response what so ever, you could hear crickets after our songs. I remember back in those days we would get extra loaded and would be especially drunk because we were nervous, so Mark moves his bass to one side and grabs his dick with his free hand and screams "Fuck you motherfuckers. Suck my dick." Now everyone in the crowd is pissed off, violent, throwing things, and showering us with spit. Black Flag, of course, loved this and the word got around among the punk underground that if you wanted to have a really violent worked-up crowd, just have Saint Vitus open up for you.

We took beatings from punk crowds at every show all the way from 1981 through our first tour with Black Flag in 1984. In those days punks were very particular about what they liked and didn’t like and even thought they found us utterly boring and clich√©, the fact that we would not give up or change our style somehow endeared us to them. By the time we did our second tour with Black Flag in the summer of 1985 a lot of the same people who trashed us, liked us and gave shit to the people who were still trashing us. Eventually this lead to us playing to ALL punk rock crowds, it would be rare to play to a metal fan. The punks even got to the point to where they actually started liking us and buying our records. (I would like to thank all of the punk bands that booked us with them because that is what helped us ‘get-over’ with the crowd.)

HSS: Scott Reagers only lasted through the first few records, but his vocals are now a piece of doom metal history. What was his reason for leaving? Also, was Born Too Late a strange album to get through for you guys with the transition?

DC: The reason for Scotty leaving is quit simple, we weren’t making any money and he couldn’t afford to be in the band anymore. He had actually quit the band before we did our ill faded winter tour of 1986. I talked him into doing it, even though he didn’t want to, and it would have been his last tour. He left about mid-way through because of a bizarre accident. He was left at a rest stop called Green Acres in Virginia and he thought that we had ditched him, we finally got a hold of him at the Richmond bus station and he did a couple more shows before he ended up going home. We finished the tour as a three piece. The transition to Wino was not hard at all because I had been singing for a while before he joined and going from myself on vocals, to a good singer, was quite easy. Besides, we already had the whole album written except for a few songs.

HSS: So we get to the Wino era of the band. The story has been told before I'm sure, but tell me a bit about your earliest memories of coming across Scott "Wino" Reinrich.

DC: On the 1986 tour when Scotty quit we were already set up to meet Wino on the east coast. A mutual friend of ours had turned us on to The Obsessed, told us that the band didn’t exist anymore, and thought that Wino would be a good singer for us. We all agreed that he would sound good, including Scotty. I just wanted to make sure that Wino understood that he would only be singing because I didn’t want two guitarists in the band, and he agreed. Then when we finally met him I didn’t think it would work because I didn’t like his image, but we all decided to give it a shot and obviously it worked out to be cool.

HSS: You managed to record three amazing albums, a live album, and an EP with Wino, and many prefer this lineup of the band. It's kind of romanticized a bit now, but the world still hadn't caught up to you guys' sound, had they?

DC: No they hadn’t, we were still playing for two separate styles of music that hadn’t meshed yet.
The majority of the people didn’t know how to take us because they had no category to put us in.

HSS: So Wino heads off to do the Obsessed again in 1991. Had you been aware this would happen, or were you caught off-guard? And at that point was Vitus done in your mind, or were you immediately looking for a new vocalist?

DC: At the time we knew Wino was unhappy and we all had a feeling he was going to quit soon, so it wasn’t really a surprise when he did, but he didn’t tell anybody so when we found out we were, of course, surprised. We knew right away that we needed another singer because I already had C.O.D. written and we weren’t just going to quit because we needed a singer.

HSS: At this point Christian Lindersston joins you and records C.O.D. There's definitely mixed feelings from people about this one. Was Christian in a no-win situation? Were you expecting to keep the band going with him for longer?

DC: We did auditions on our own and had a singer that we liked, but the record company turned him down because they really wanted Chris in the band (Count Raven had supported Saint Vitus on a tour.) He wasn’t really in a "no win situation" because we tried to make things work, but I found that I couldn’t work with him and it just wasn’t gelling, so I knew there was no reason to keep him for another record.

HSS: So Scott Reagers returns for Die Healing, considered by some to be your finest effort. Was there a feeling of rejuvenation on this record? The whole thing just sounds so driven to me.

DC: In my opinion, I agree with it being our finest effort and I always said that. It was the first time that we worked with a real metal producer (Harris Johns) and it shows. Probably the main driving point behind that record is the fact that I knew it was going to be the last one and I wanted to go out with a bang since C.O.D. had been so bad. The fact that Scotty was back in the band was a surprise to us when it happened because it was his idea. I told him that it would be me singing again and he thought it would be good to bring things around full circle with himself on the last album. I don’t know if we felt rejuvenated, it almost felt more like a relief that it was finally done.

HSS: Unfortunately, after doing a bit of touring, you guys packed it in, and the original lineup hasn't been seen since. In your mind, that's the end of Vitus?

DC: Yeah, that was the final thing and was planned from the beginning to be the final thing.

HSS: I remember reading a Guitar Player magazine in the early 90's and the featured article was an interview with Buzzo (Melvins) and Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), and the interviewer kept asking them about their influences and why they had decided to play slow music, when everything at that point was about playing fast, and they repeatedly mentioned you and Vitus as a major inspiration behind their style. I remember thinking "Man, if only they'd stuck it out" or "Maybe now they'll get the credit they deserve." At what point did you realize the impact you had on heavy music?

DC: Well we always heard for years from bands that cited us as influences because we knew most of them personally. But we started realizing the impact when we did the 2003 reunion, especially in Europe, when old time fans were introducing us to their children who are now fans, which is a trippy thing. There are also the magazines and metal encyclopedias citing us as one of the founding bands of the doom movement. Things like that urged us to do the first reunion.

HSS: So tell me about the move to New Orleans. You find yourself down in a city that has a whole scene of musicians who practically worship you. Has that been a driving force in the band occasionally coming back and doing shows?

DC: I moved to New Orleans to get married to a girl from that area. And I felt that a change was needed in my life. I wouldn’t say that the people here worship me because they’re my friends. New Orleans is similar to Europe in the fact that they are much more open to the underground and obscure bands. It is nice to finally have the recognition that people show me now, since I’ve been here, and it is easier to be a musician and live a normal life and meet like-minded people in this city. The fans, and my friends were a huge influence toward the decision to do shows again.

HSS: Southern Lord has reissued V and Live, but the rest of the Vitus catalog is still hard to track down. Will we be seeing these albums again at some point? I heard you lost some masters in Katrina. Is that true?

DC: The only masters that I have are for C.O.D. and two unreleased songs from that same time period, and I didn’t lose them. There are a lot of complications to getting things reissued and re-released and we’ve been working with our management on this for quite a while. The only thing that is coming out positively right now is Die Healing on limited edition vinyl and then CD.

HSS: Wino is a legend, and deservedly so, but I've always wondered why you've never really done any other things outside of Vitus (besides Debris Inc of course). Absolutely no disrespect to Wino, as I'm a fan myself, but I've always thought that "Hey, Chandler is the dude that wrote the riffs." Is there any particular reason that you haven't done much outside of Vitus? With a scene as fertile as NOLA, are you working on any new bands now?

DC: When Saint Vitus ended in 1995 I was so disgusted with the music scene that I wanted nothing to do with it and I didn’t even listen to music at all anymore. It took five years for Ron Holzner to talk me into doing Debris inc. We started doing that for fun and when it became not fun anymore I decided to quit because I’m too old to live in a van for a month on tour. It did get me interested in wanting to keep on playing and that did help me want to get Vitus back together. For a while before we actually started concentrating on doing Vitus reunions I was playing a bit with Jimmy Bower (Down) on drums and Pat Bruders (Crowbar) on bass. We didn’t have a band name, but we did record four songs, and you never know, we may jam again, but for now I have to concentrate on remembering my own songs.

HSS: It's so great that you guys are doing shows again. Would Vitus ever record again? Also, would we ever see a show/ tour with Scott Reagers? Are you still in contact with him?

DC: There has been talk about doing a new album and there seems to be some interest within the public and the industry. So I’m not going to confirm anything but I’m not going to rule it out either. I do talk Scotty every so often. I can’t see any type of tour with him as the singer. The main line up that people ask for is the Born Too Late lineup and that is what they‘re going to get. Be careful what you wish for.

HSS: So Vitus was Born Too Late, but it looks like you will Die Healing eh?

DC: Ha! We’ll see…
Today I feel like getting bogged down and writing a little screed about my pentagram experience- to wit. This idyllic experience happened during last summer in Seattle where me and my friend went there for a couple of days to see Pentagram. Which ended up being an awesome experience. Sadly my recollection of the show is somewhat dim, so I added an unnecessary beginning to lengthen it. Nonetheless it's a funny read. I pretty much joked around when i wrote it, acting as if were some Beatnik.

The Pentagram Story

I remember me and my friend got ourselves in a stark bummer because neither of us could buy beer from the nearest gas station by the venue - where Penatgram was playing at - before the show. Luckily a couple of characters came by us whom we persuaded them to boot beer for us. They did it willingly. We sat on the curb for several minutes till they came back outta the store with a gaggle of blue stripe for us. We thanked them. Thereafter we assembled behind the venue and swilled our beers down. Meanwhile the opening acts were playing. We were there for an hour or so jabbering away about pentagram and other righteous acts we had in common with them. Once we finished our beer we discarded the empties by the wall of the venue all jumbled up for some poverty-stricken wino to pick up. As we arrived to the doors we had some minor trouble because they had frivolous regulations on how we needed a stamp to get in so they know that we are not using anyone else's tickets. Prior t0 this, we got our tickets ripped and thought it was needless to ask for a stamp because they didn't offer us one. I felt a bit enraged and told him " we didn't come all the way from edmonton, alberta to sneak in your venue, as I did this, I showed him my ID and he let us in cordially once he saw it. Then I walked in and saw bobby looming out to the stage, as I recall, with his wild-eyes bulging out from his sockets, doom-stricken stringey gray hair, with his whiskers dangling below his noise. He seemed like a man with a notion to play some genuine heavy rock t0 full-bore so it could excite the crowd at that moment. Which he ended up doing after all. Then BANG! They started playing Wheel Of Fortune. As I watched this I felt Awe-struck. It was after all a dreamlike spectacle for me and I was there in the midst of it. Bobby, who was being bewildered at time was giving a frenzied dance for his performance as he gave ghoulish facial expressions to the crowd so it could give send a doomlike shiver down their spine. The rest of the set was -

"Forever My Queen"
"Review Your Choices"
"Walk In The Blue Light"
"Take No More"
"Lazy Lady" (Friday night only)
"All Your Sins"
"Earth Flight"
"South Of The Swamp"
"20 Buck Spin"
"Sign Of The Wolf"
"When The Screams Come"

Bobby gave a melancholy chant for all these song which chilled the crowd.

As the show ended I went outside and caught bobby by his tour bus, I asked him to take a photo with me and he seemed happy to do so. Once the photo was taken I stutterily said, P-p..entagram is the p..pinnacle of 70s hardrock, to show my deference to the guy. I noticed tears sunk down his face and dribbled off his whiskers to hit the ground , like rain hitting a leaf then falling to the ground. After I saw that I got overwhelmed. Sadly my mind was jangled from drink soI wasn't able to keep a sensible conversation going, as it were. After that we fled back to our hotels. As dawn approached us our brains felt shattered as we woke up from what we saw lastnight.

Hahahah and that's one of my stories on - in search for the heavy.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spirit Caravan - Dream Wheel

It may seem as though i don't give a hoot in hell to post anything in my blog anymore, but I do. I've just been living in a orgy of laziness lately so I've been too lazy to post anything meanwhile till now. Well I enough of this hooey..... Here I present you with Spirit Caravan - Dreamwheel. The eminent merryland heavy rockers with their deafening ep - Dream wheel. This is some Brain-rattling heavy rock that can for sure crank you up while you listen to it. In fact most of wino's material is good. The word mediocre is an elusive word as you probe through his discography.

The little description above should give you the certainty that this EP is a worthwhile download without any doubts. HA!

Incidentally, I've seen wino perform before when I attended the saint vitus reunion in NYC.
He's like a maddened werewolf when he performs, acting as if he wants to tare you to shreds and eat your remains as he gives you the wild-eye, as it were. My dad who was accompanying me when i saw vitus got scared shitless and shuddered badly from his performance. He wasn't able to speak for several days thereafter. It just proves to show you how righteously bad-ass wino is live......But keep in mind that the people who are not familiar with him can consequently turn ill by his terrorizing performance.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I saw Monotonix..................Crazy!!

My screed of gibberish on the monotonix show I saw.

The show was at New City,a place normally frequented by goths but lastnight it had a different breed of people- Hipsters. As I waited for Monotonix I saw the opening acts, they were, paul james coutts and cows and The get Down. The first band were decent, but the get down were powerful as usual. The place was dingy when the first 2 bands played but when Monotonix came on to set up the place brighten up a bit. That's when I noticed, The fat was in the fire and this band was ready to inflame the crowd by their rock n roll. They set up their gear on the floor do something unique & unusual, as it were. They had a queer antic by dressing in their underwear, because they presumably felt they needed to shed off their pants and shirts to have a weird garb for their act. They were,after all, foreign, . From Israel to be a exact. The crowd were drinking beer to get crazy while they kept on setting up their gear, then boom, they went off......Making a rock n roll frenzy....Three fucking loonies going nuts. The crowd were beating up each other like gongs as they played. The lead singer folly crowd surfed while he sang, getting the crowd crazier as he surf on top of them. Suddenly he drifted to this edge and sang there. Crazy bastard I thought...He was a distance away from his band members. He sang there momentarily and went back down to finish the song. Once the new song started he went to the washroom and came back afterward with a garbage can which hurled towards the crowd causing a bad mess. The vocalist had a borat-esque mustache with stringly long curly hair. The guy was a lunatic with the likelihood to be known as a crazy Rock N Roll vocalist amongst other crazies like Iggy pop. The rest of the show was sheer craziness. It's seldom that I see great shows like these which I'm glad I took it for granted.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


This album thunders out once you press play, with a loud, brutal dirge. The power of this heavy, loud sound can turn anyone ear drums instantly to splinters by the impact . Moss is an ugly name that fits their music perfectly. This ugly band shamelessly took their title for this ep from a movie called, the tombs of the blind dead, but chalked off dead and put drugged instead. These devilish drug-crazed musicians present you with a scare called, THE TOMBS OF THE BLIND DRUGGED!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slow Southern Steel

Slow Southern Steel Movie Trailer #1


All the musicians in this video seem pretty reverent, except for that poor bugger Phil Aneslmo, who somehow drifted into the sludge scene. I suspect the poor bugger started taking up Drugs & wearing doom metal t-shirts so he can be amongst the scene, but came off as a follower without even realizing it. Sorry for my ill-humor..................The documentary seems likely to be an entertaining watch by looks of it. Seeing the orgiastic clips of Weedeater in this video gives me hatred towards them for canceling their Edmonton tour date, and how I spent $35 for a bogus ticket to see them. ! I wanted to see them, but all I saw were ugly brutes moshing around, shouting out inarticulate sounds, like "me like down, I wanty beer". I was very unhappy that day because Down & Brutes don't groove me at all......anyway I'm incredibly stoked for this video to come out so I can buy myself a copy and watch it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Roky Erickson

I've been extremely, extremely wired on Roky Erickson lately. I'd recently watched his documentary called, Your gonna miss me, and thought it was an imperative to post some of his music on my blog. The guy was a shrewd musical genius haunted by his mental illness, schizophrenia. As I recall from the video he got caught for possession of marijuana, then pleaded insanity so he didn't have to go to jail and went to a Mental institution instead. Prior to this he was saying that he was having uncontrollable noises in his head and so on. Not very informative but you get gist story of it. back to his music, what I have here is the album called, Roky Erickson - I think of daemons He created his own little sub-genre called horror Rock n roll inspired by the horrors that haunted him from his illness, but helped him make some shrewd, dark, ultimately wicked rock n roll.

I think this is an album that should be dug immensely by the people who love rock n roll because of how uncontrollably catchy it is. If not, you're a square. Please get the fuck outta my blog!!!

Roky Erickson - I think of daemons

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Mushroom River Band - Simsalabim

Simsalabim is the second Album by Heavy Rock band The Mushroom River Band It was released in 2002 and contains ten tracks.

Swedish rockers fronted by Spice, ex-of Spiritual Beggars. The album is immensely groovy & crushing with a strong up-beat to it. I find this album to be fiendishly catchy.

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie also known as The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue is a 1974 horror film written and directed by jorge Grau and starring Ray Lovelock, and Cristina Galbó. Arthur Kennedy

When people talk about Zombie Horror movies they generally talk about George A. Romero ill-conceived movies. I tend to fall asleep while I try to watch them because they're very boring movies. I don't understand why they get so much attention. Let sleeping corpses, on the other hand, has a brilliant, shrewd plot which keeps me compelled while I watch it. The Movie was ahead of it's time. I find the movie has a really sharp story to it and the zombies are really convincing in it.

George, a antique collector who gets his Motorcycle smashed in by girl named Enda at a gas station as he walks away from it. She sympathetically offers him a ride to anywhere he needs to go, he compromises with it. He later on persuades enda to let him drive her car. They end up in a town where Nightmarish acts are occurring. The town is infested with the un-dead walking among it. Finally they discover the root of the problem was made by an agricultural machine using radiation waves to kill off bugs on the corps, which was consequently wakening the Dead up.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Night Sun - Mourin

Their only album, Mourin , was released in 1972 on Polydor's Zebra label. The sound is likewise to Deep purple but taken to a darker, more aggressive level, as I see it. One of the heaviest albums of the 70 era.

"This excellent, one off, LP has drawn comparisons to the likes of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and King Crimson. Hard and Heavy, acid drenched rock with Progressive undertones. "Mournin" has earned a reputation among Metal purists as one of the early innovators of the genre and is essential listening for any one who has a love for Heaviness."

The Tingler - William Castle - 1959

The movie stars the notorious actor of horror, Vicent Price, as a Doctor who discovers that Fear can manifest as parasite creature, which grows on peoples spinal cord from their fear. The tingler can only be destroyed if they were to scream. If they don't, the tingler crawls on their spinal cord and kills them.

On this film William Castle devised a new gimmick called Percepto. The theaters who would participate on this gimmick would wire the seats so that the people would get a thrilling shock during the climatic moments in the movie. Another interesting thing he used in this movie to make a ultimate effect was to depict blood pouring out of faucet and filling a bathtub. The whole cinematography in this movie is fantastic with a very original, shrewd plot.

I gotta say this is the funniest but coolest saying I ever heard in a movie -
Lucy Stevens: Dave, that drug you brought...David Morris: It's not a drug, it's an Acid