Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Godflesh - Godflesh

I tend to overlook good bands sometimes, for a weird reason that's beyond me. ...GodFlesh is one of them, I've seen them around very often and had never checked them out until now - which was a mistake. They're a super-unique band, and have a lot to offer in their sound. I was listening to them today, and thought, they needed to be in my blog. They got an odd combination of elements, stretching to out sludge, grind, and industrial. This is certainly a heavy-boggle, with a meaty riff frenzy,to top it off with strange industrial sounds. The ingredients for something booming.


  1. Theyre probably my favorite band ever.. Just found yr blog recently and seeing some of the stuff up, Im surprised you just heard em now hehe..

    The next LP after this one, Streetcleaner is considered their finest by most. Definately get it next.. Everything up to Selfless in 1995 is golden.. After that, I can only recommend it because Im an obsessed fan and hell even my own band sounds just like em..

    If yr just now hearing Godflesh I should ask..
    Have you heard Swans? The albums Filth, Cop and Young God were the blueprint for all of this shit that came later..

  2. Hey man -Welcome to my blog. Yeah I think it's quite shameful that I finally checked out, Godflesh. They're such a good band and I should have checked them out earlier. I feel damned for it. I've already checked out Streetcleane and liked it a lot and plan on checking their later stuff pretty soon.

    I still have yet to check out Swans...Thanks for the suggestion.