Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jex Thoth - Jex Thoth

Jex thoth strikes me as a lady who mastered the art of heavy rock. The music has an excellent vintage feel to it, drawing influences from Pentagram, Pagan Altar,and Jefferson airplane. Which is cool, for the ones who are whipped into heavy rock orgies as I am. Her voice is a bit demonic at times,enchanting spells from her bowels. The guitars are awesomely fuzzed, shrouded by a dreary organ.

Jex Thoth - Jex Thoth

Harvey Milk -My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment of What My Love Could Be

This is one hard pounding album, perhaps one of the heaviest albums I'd ever listened to. You can hear their strong Melvin influence here, bringing whole different entity to their sound. The pattern somewhat jangles into mellow & heavy dispenses, with odd drum beats at times, then,the riffs jolt out powerfully & slow, sometimes mid pace. shouting out broad & mourning vocals,coming from his bowels of misery, I take it. Definitely a cool experimental heavy rock album.

SkullFlower - Form Destroyer

In the midst of the noise genre there's a lot shit I personally find. This band, however, strikes me as an awesome band. through out all the noise I had Listened to in my time, SkullFlower is unbeaten for me when it comes to this genre. The sound shoots out shrills, in a grisly distorted manner. The riffs, are somewhat dronish & weird, whilst the drums just do their job to keep this grisly sound going.

SkullFlower - Form Destroyer

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Monster Magnet - Tab.......25

This is surly the weirdest piece from Monster magnetic, and I mean that in a good way. However, it's not that weird when comes to bands like, Can. But it's still weird. Anyway I think they were being, more so, experimental in this album , ranging from distinct influences like, hawkwind & Amon dull and among others in that vein, for instance. The sound is resonant, simply a hypnotic feel to it, especially the first track.

Monster Magnet - Tab.......25

Stonewall - Stoner

This is a wonderful album. If you're feverish about 70s obscure hardrock as I am, perhaps you'd like to check out these guys. In any case, this guys are overlooked among the other obscure 70s hardrock acts, In my opinion.

This album, for instance, has the hellish raw amp fuzz coming from Marshall amps - played ballsy - The tone is pretty grimy for their time, the solo's are edgy, the vocalist is probably some damn swill when it comes to the reefer, which probably explins why he has a rasp in his voice , who also plays the harmonica excellently. Then, they have a fuzzed out organ to
necessitate the ultimate HardRock experience, for their time

Here's the sleaze.....Stonewall - Stoner

Sons Of Otis - Temple Ball

Among the Psychedelic Doom act, these guys struck me as one hell of a thundering band. Consisting of influences from, Saint Vitus & Hawkwind, to conceive their brilliance. This album, for instance, has thunderous bluesy riffs, vocals are somewhat reverbed, with a steady heavy pounding beat. Beyond that, they have spacey effects to lure you in a trance. So here , One of their greatest albums

- Temple Ball