Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spirit Caravan - Dream Wheel

It may seem as though i don't give a hoot in hell to post anything in my blog anymore, but I do. I've just been living in a orgy of laziness lately so I've been too lazy to post anything meanwhile till now. Well I enough of this hooey..... Here I present you with Spirit Caravan - Dreamwheel. The eminent merryland heavy rockers with their deafening ep - Dream wheel. This is some Brain-rattling heavy rock that can for sure crank you up while you listen to it. In fact most of wino's material is good. The word mediocre is an elusive word as you probe through his discography.

The little description above should give you the certainty that this EP is a worthwhile download without any doubts. HA!

Incidentally, I've seen wino perform before when I attended the saint vitus reunion in NYC.
He's like a maddened werewolf when he performs, acting as if he wants to tare you to shreds and eat your remains as he gives you the wild-eye, as it were. My dad who was accompanying me when i saw vitus got scared shitless and shuddered badly from his performance. He wasn't able to speak for several days thereafter. It just proves to show you how righteously bad-ass wino is live......But keep in mind that the people who are not familiar with him can consequently turn ill by his terrorizing performance.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I saw Monotonix..................Crazy!!

My screed of gibberish on the monotonix show I saw.

The show was at New City,a place normally frequented by goths but lastnight it had a different breed of people- Hipsters. As I waited for Monotonix I saw the opening acts, they were, paul james coutts and cows and The get Down. The first band were decent, but the get down were powerful as usual. The place was dingy when the first 2 bands played but when Monotonix came on to set up the place brighten up a bit. That's when I noticed, The fat was in the fire and this band was ready to inflame the crowd by their rock n roll. They set up their gear on the floor do something unique & unusual, as it were. They had a queer antic by dressing in their underwear, because they presumably felt they needed to shed off their pants and shirts to have a weird garb for their act. They were,after all, foreign, . From Israel to be a exact. The crowd were drinking beer to get crazy while they kept on setting up their gear, then boom, they went off......Making a rock n roll frenzy....Three fucking loonies going nuts. The crowd were beating up each other like gongs as they played. The lead singer folly crowd surfed while he sang, getting the crowd crazier as he surf on top of them. Suddenly he drifted to this edge and sang there. Crazy bastard I thought...He was a distance away from his band members. He sang there momentarily and went back down to finish the song. Once the new song started he went to the washroom and came back afterward with a garbage can which hurled towards the crowd causing a bad mess. The vocalist had a borat-esque mustache with stringly long curly hair. The guy was a lunatic with the likelihood to be known as a crazy Rock N Roll vocalist amongst other crazies like Iggy pop. The rest of the show was sheer craziness. It's seldom that I see great shows like these which I'm glad I took it for granted.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


This album thunders out once you press play, with a loud, brutal dirge. The power of this heavy, loud sound can turn anyone ear drums instantly to splinters by the impact . Moss is an ugly name that fits their music perfectly. This ugly band shamelessly took their title for this ep from a movie called, the tombs of the blind dead, but chalked off dead and put drugged instead. These devilish drug-crazed musicians present you with a scare called, THE TOMBS OF THE BLIND DRUGGED!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slow Southern Steel

Slow Southern Steel Movie Trailer #1


All the musicians in this video seem pretty reverent, except for that poor bugger Phil Aneslmo, who somehow drifted into the sludge scene. I suspect the poor bugger started taking up Drugs & wearing doom metal t-shirts so he can be amongst the scene, but came off as a follower without even realizing it. Sorry for my ill-humor..................The documentary seems likely to be an entertaining watch by looks of it. Seeing the orgiastic clips of Weedeater in this video gives me hatred towards them for canceling their Edmonton tour date, and how I spent $35 for a bogus ticket to see them. ! I wanted to see them, but all I saw were ugly brutes moshing around, shouting out inarticulate sounds, like "me like down, I wanty beer". I was very unhappy that day because Down & Brutes don't groove me at all......anyway I'm incredibly stoked for this video to come out so I can buy myself a copy and watch it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Roky Erickson

I've been extremely, extremely wired on Roky Erickson lately. I'd recently watched his documentary called, Your gonna miss me, and thought it was an imperative to post some of his music on my blog. The guy was a shrewd musical genius haunted by his mental illness, schizophrenia. As I recall from the video he got caught for possession of marijuana, then pleaded insanity so he didn't have to go to jail and went to a Mental institution instead. Prior to this he was saying that he was having uncontrollable noises in his head and so on. Not very informative but you get gist story of it. back to his music, what I have here is the album called, Roky Erickson - I think of daemons He created his own little sub-genre called horror Rock n roll inspired by the horrors that haunted him from his illness, but helped him make some shrewd, dark, ultimately wicked rock n roll.

I think this is an album that should be dug immensely by the people who love rock n roll because of how uncontrollably catchy it is. If not, you're a square. Please get the fuck outta my blog!!!

Roky Erickson - I think of daemons

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Mushroom River Band - Simsalabim

Simsalabim is the second Album by Heavy Rock band The Mushroom River Band It was released in 2002 and contains ten tracks.

Swedish rockers fronted by Spice, ex-of Spiritual Beggars. The album is immensely groovy & crushing with a strong up-beat to it. I find this album to be fiendishly catchy.

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie also known as The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue is a 1974 horror film written and directed by jorge Grau and starring Ray Lovelock, and Cristina Galbó. Arthur Kennedy

When people talk about Zombie Horror movies they generally talk about George A. Romero ill-conceived movies. I tend to fall asleep while I try to watch them because they're very boring movies. I don't understand why they get so much attention. Let sleeping corpses, on the other hand, has a brilliant, shrewd plot which keeps me compelled while I watch it. The Movie was ahead of it's time. I find the movie has a really sharp story to it and the zombies are really convincing in it.

George, a antique collector who gets his Motorcycle smashed in by girl named Enda at a gas station as he walks away from it. She sympathetically offers him a ride to anywhere he needs to go, he compromises with it. He later on persuades enda to let him drive her car. They end up in a town where Nightmarish acts are occurring. The town is infested with the un-dead walking among it. Finally they discover the root of the problem was made by an agricultural machine using radiation waves to kill off bugs on the corps, which was consequently wakening the Dead up.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Night Sun - Mourin

Their only album, Mourin , was released in 1972 on Polydor's Zebra label. The sound is likewise to Deep purple but taken to a darker, more aggressive level, as I see it. One of the heaviest albums of the 70 era.

"This excellent, one off, LP has drawn comparisons to the likes of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and King Crimson. Hard and Heavy, acid drenched rock with Progressive undertones. "Mournin" has earned a reputation among Metal purists as one of the early innovators of the genre and is essential listening for any one who has a love for Heaviness."

The Tingler - William Castle - 1959

The movie stars the notorious actor of horror, Vicent Price, as a Doctor who discovers that Fear can manifest as parasite creature, which grows on peoples spinal cord from their fear. The tingler can only be destroyed if they were to scream. If they don't, the tingler crawls on their spinal cord and kills them.

On this film William Castle devised a new gimmick called Percepto. The theaters who would participate on this gimmick would wire the seats so that the people would get a thrilling shock during the climatic moments in the movie. Another interesting thing he used in this movie to make a ultimate effect was to depict blood pouring out of faucet and filling a bathtub. The whole cinematography in this movie is fantastic with a very original, shrewd plot.

I gotta say this is the funniest but coolest saying I ever heard in a movie -
Lucy Stevens: Dave, that drug you brought...David Morris: It's not a drug, it's an Acid

Wino Interview

This is a great interview with Wino, he talks about his early influences, the bands he was in, and the projects he's doing now. Somehow the interview goes towards politics & conspiracies talk, some of the stuff he says i find to be cynical, but it's entertaining to listen to because he talks about them with great zeal. Plus I always find it entertaining when people talk about unconventional beliefs, whether I believe in them or not, just needs that great zeal there to keep my attention. In all, this is an awesome interview.

Wino Interview HARDTIMES.CA

HARDTIMES.CA | MySpace Video

Unsane - Occupation Hazard

I don't know exactly what I should call this band as, I guess I can call them a slugey post -hardcore band. The sound is heavy, loud, and dirty with screeching feed - back. The album is overall impressive.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

Funkadelic, the American funk band incorporating musical elements of Funk, Psychedelia, rock, soul, and gospel - while making variations to every track with loud & fuzzy instruments. The guitar work on this album is somewhat alike to jimi hendrix but with bizarre funk & soul elements added. The music is ultimately groovey & spacey, as if hawkind were playing funk.

Motorpsycho - Lobotomizer

Lobotomizer is the debut album of the Norwegian band called, Motorpsycho, released in 1991.

The album has a very raw feel to it with a fuzzy tone from the guitars, bringing a hazy atmosphere.
Drawing influences from Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr, and Deep purple. They are often coined as a grunge, but it seems natural to me just to call them a Heavy Rock band.

El Topo -(1971)

El Topo, a classic Mexican film hailed by John lennon & Yoko Ono enough that it was shown at midnight in many cinemas for years, and helped bring attention for such films as, Rocky Horror Picture Show and David Lynch's Eraserhead.
It's often regarded as one of the original cult films that spawned the Midnight Movie craze of the seventies. The theme is very unconventional for a western movie.

I was really astounded by how many levels the movie captures, From drama, humor, violence,
and just really asbsurd moments I don't know what to call them. I find it hard to describe this film becuase it's journey through a surreal desert, and often bloody one. It appears to flow like a visual in very experimental way. I'll stop there, the movie is really hard to describe . The whole movie is just a new visual experience, giving you a brain -boggle. It's just really an innovative piece of art that needs to be experienced. Alejandro Jodorowsky was very creative, and always be remembered for making the strangest movies of all time.

Psychomania review 1974 - My first movie review on this blog

Pyschomania, when this movie first came out people didn't know what to make out of it, if it were A horror? Biker Movie? Black Comedy? After watching it a few times I can honestly say it's a combination of all it. Which are fantastic elements to put all in one movie. The script is wickedly funny, played out by a young crew of British actors who do a solid job.

The plot involves a biker gang called, The Living Dead. who embark havoc around the city. Once their leader gets ahold of his mother's occutism secerts to become Immortal by commiting sucide, then believing you can come back in order to obtain this immortality. If you don't, you're forever dead. And by doing this he gets help from the Devil and some occult rituals involving toads, in a surrealistic room. A very strange scene in the movie but it's an awesome one.Subsequently he persuades the rest of his biker gang to do the same thing as well, but a few don't believe, and don't come back. Making a gang of un-dead bikers. The movie really conjures a nice picture of teenage suicide, occult worship, meaningless violence and a lack of respect for authority I gotta say.

I dug the movie immensely. It's really an inventive piece of flim. There was nothing like this flim when it came out, or even now for that matter. If you're into cult movies. I highly recommend you getting this flim.

Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Years Experience

The bands that played before The Dwarves were the typical generic hardcore bands with pompous lead singers who try to act tough & fearing but came off as a bad joke. They were horrible. I remember as I watched one of them, the singer said, hey pussies, come out to the front and mosh, you paid, $45 for this. And I remember thinking, no I did not , I paid that money for the dwarves, not your souless crap. You dumb looking caricature of the guy from Sucidal Tendencies. After a few beers, the music was still intolerable. I couldn't cope with such bad mediocrity, especially from bands calling their songs, METAL FUCK. AHHH , the lame! I thought. The Dwarves finally came on, they graced the venue for once. They were wild,loud and Ugly. When they started playing I was up front against the stage getting pushed badly by a horde of people behind me, like a bunch of bulls edging my stomach intensely to the stage. Mercilessly, I got thrown out from the pit by the mad people in the front, and stumbled towards the back, staying there for most of the show, sometimes getting pushed back to the Pit, then coming out again quickly. The show was a true thrill to start off the year. Unlike anything edmonton had to offer for New Years. But I'm haunted by the horror of the Naked guy going crazy on stage with his mexican wrestling mask. That scene has totally changed my brain chemistry now, but somehow I feel it was totally worth enduring.......