Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Years Experience

The bands that played before The Dwarves were the typical generic hardcore bands with pompous lead singers who try to act tough & fearing but came off as a bad joke. They were horrible. I remember as I watched one of them, the singer said, hey pussies, come out to the front and mosh, you paid, $45 for this. And I remember thinking, no I did not , I paid that money for the dwarves, not your souless crap. You dumb looking caricature of the guy from Sucidal Tendencies. After a few beers, the music was still intolerable. I couldn't cope with such bad mediocrity, especially from bands calling their songs, METAL FUCK. AHHH , the lame! I thought. The Dwarves finally came on, they graced the venue for once. They were wild,loud and Ugly. When they started playing I was up front against the stage getting pushed badly by a horde of people behind me, like a bunch of bulls edging my stomach intensely to the stage. Mercilessly, I got thrown out from the pit by the mad people in the front, and stumbled towards the back, staying there for most of the show, sometimes getting pushed back to the Pit, then coming out again quickly. The show was a true thrill to start off the year. Unlike anything edmonton had to offer for New Years. But I'm haunted by the horror of the Naked guy going crazy on stage with his mexican wrestling mask. That scene has totally changed my brain chemistry now, but somehow I feel it was totally worth enduring.......

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