Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slow Southern Steel

Slow Southern Steel Movie Trailer #1


All the musicians in this video seem pretty reverent, except for that poor bugger Phil Aneslmo, who somehow drifted into the sludge scene. I suspect the poor bugger started taking up Drugs & wearing doom metal t-shirts so he can be amongst the scene, but came off as a follower without even realizing it. Sorry for my ill-humor..................The documentary seems likely to be an entertaining watch by looks of it. Seeing the orgiastic clips of Weedeater in this video gives me hatred towards them for canceling their Edmonton tour date, and how I spent $35 for a bogus ticket to see them. ! I wanted to see them, but all I saw were ugly brutes moshing around, shouting out inarticulate sounds, like "me like down, I wanty beer". I was very unhappy that day because Down & Brutes don't groove me at all......anyway I'm incredibly stoked for this video to come out so I can buy myself a copy and watch it.

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