Saturday, January 9, 2010

Roky Erickson

I've been extremely, extremely wired on Roky Erickson lately. I'd recently watched his documentary called, Your gonna miss me, and thought it was an imperative to post some of his music on my blog. The guy was a shrewd musical genius haunted by his mental illness, schizophrenia. As I recall from the video he got caught for possession of marijuana, then pleaded insanity so he didn't have to go to jail and went to a Mental institution instead. Prior to this he was saying that he was having uncontrollable noises in his head and so on. Not very informative but you get gist story of it. back to his music, what I have here is the album called, Roky Erickson - I think of daemons He created his own little sub-genre called horror Rock n roll inspired by the horrors that haunted him from his illness, but helped him make some shrewd, dark, ultimately wicked rock n roll.

I think this is an album that should be dug immensely by the people who love rock n roll because of how uncontrollably catchy it is. If not, you're a square. Please get the fuck outta my blog!!!

Roky Erickson - I think of daemons


  1. /gets out of blog

    hey you should check out the Litmus album I posted on my site today if you haven't heard it already. I can almost guarantee you will dig it.

  2. Alright....I'll give them a listen.