Tuesday, March 30, 2010

uffomammut - Lucifer song...

As I was about to write this I notice something strange come out of my speakers. This reddish gas started coming out and loomed a haze over my room and spooked me, then suddenly I realized I had Uffomamut on play and calmed down, quickly. It was certainly a experience to freak anybody out - Getting menaced by crushing sounds, shit. Weird stuff occurs when you have Uffomamute on play and always makes an unreal anecdote to tell..... This band, as we know, emerged from the bowels of hell and has a fetish for monstrously fuzzed out gutiars, played to full-bore to churn up a hell-broth sound to shatter and blacken the realities of the world - Whooping up an ungodly atmosphere, cluttered with dirt and psyched out grime, placed with demoniac vocals, reverberating in swirls which makes HELLUVA grooves...

This album bulldozed out in 2005, for the notion to impend an apocalypse, thus them calling it Lucifer Song..........

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wooly Mammoth

Try to imagine a Wooly Mammoth walking about,However big, hearing it stomp loudly and the fuzzy hair blow in the wind. If you can do that, then you got at least a vague idea of how heavy this band is......Quite massive.

The band employs a sound of mercilessly crushing riffs,coming from fuzz-ridden guitars to create some wild, strong rumbling rhythms to boom violently out of your speakers and stomp you like Wooly Mammoth in the stark-cold.

This band, these days, aren't releasing anything new sadly, but they have a fantastic deput released in 2006 by Underdogma Records - Called The Temporary Nature

Unsane - Total Destruction

Seems like I habituated a routine to upload an album daily, now..... hopefully I can manage to keep the habit and not get lazy and kill it. We'll see what happens, whether I can pull it off or not. And besides, I feel more incline to post more often these days because of my sheer boredom that haunts me endlessly. And this slightly kills it, if you know what I mean. Anyway, here I have an album from Unsane - the shambling, misery - stricken heavies - I believe that's apt remark to call them as, with their janglingly,noisey sounds of heaviness. Unsane - Is one of those bands that are genuinely unique who can't be specifically label as a genre, so I won't bother with that. So this is their third album, made right after when their original drummer died, from OD of heroin -which is rather unfortunate....Released in 1993, as it were, by Atlantic Records ...They emerged from new york and are cited as an influential band for noise-rock . ....This album, for me, consists of the right ingredients and orgies of sounds to generate something mean & ferocious....A fearsome distortion, noise-ridden instruments, and a shuddering screech of hate, giving you tremors and exhilaration at the same time. This is certainly an album not to overlook, unless you're lame-headed and boring.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Unorthodox - Asylum

Well it's friday morning and it behooves me to upload another album by Unorthodox, who are an awesome band and I happen to be delved into their music on this dreary morning in E-Town. This is their debut and has to be one of the best albums-beyond doubt-ever released . Unorthodox, as I know, used to be called Ayslum and had a very obsessed- like sound, as it were , then they subsequently changed their name to Unorthodox, and got hooked up by a label called HellHound from Germany. This is a progressive heavy, a lot more progressive than the last album I uploaded ......But it happens to be more mind-bending and spellbinding than the one below

Fenriz' Red Planet & Nattefrost - Engangsgrill (Split)


Last-night I came across this band called "Fenriz red planet " by fenriz from Darkthrone. His new project is very cool and badass. Right now I'm instantly drawn to upload and hastily post it. Anyway, the sound is pentgram-like and has a venomous rhythm of doom, played so evilly and harsh, as if they're maddened Satan-worshippers playing heavy music, summoning the dark spirits from beyond - Making the impending of an Apocalypse in a moonful night....Getting you scared shitless and tearful as you hear an orgiastic ritual of doom, worshiped by pentagram, but played in a more primitive and queer way. Which is wicked.( hahah that description was a bit over the top)

Seriously, this is a great Split (well, mainly freniz red planet part) that has the nice aspects of traditional doom in it. And it's nice to see Fenriz doing a doom project that turned out to be good and worthy among heavy listeners. And the other part of the album hardly matters to talk about.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amon Duul ii - Phallus Dei

Amon Duul is clearly a bizarre band, coming from Germany and are labeled as kruat-rock. I find their music to me an original listen and has the potential to put you in a Mind-Fuck state. Their sound has that insane, perverse feel to it, which gives you the spooks and trembles at times. I was listening to them lastnight and it dug it immensely, for the love of weird/psyche sounds that puts you in an odd state, where you question your own sanity............... Every time I listen to this band I conjure up scenes in Alejandro Jodowsky movies, especially el Topo - which one of the strangest and most mind-fucked movie's ever made......A phenomenal mind-fuck, for a western. To put everything,in short- Amon duul ii - is a garage-like, experimental, psychedelic band.

Jex Thoth - Totem

Another sleepless night for me, and I'm near my triumph to pull an all nighter. Once the sun peaks out - that's when I know I've down it.... Surprisingly, I'm only trifle tired and cranked up on the heavy which keeps me going on these sleepless nights......Shit, a weird tangent. Lets get to the stuff that matters, like my ill-written descriptions for Heavy music. Well,shit, I always get the tendency to act loony-like when I'm bored and sleepless. Big deal. Plus it lengthens my page, for that matter........ Anyway, I shall present you with something that has a melancholy,heavy sound, like Totem by Jex Thoth. ... The same album that has been lulling me tonight.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Godflesh - Godflesh

I tend to overlook good bands sometimes, for a weird reason that's beyond me. ...GodFlesh is one of them, I've seen them around very often and had never checked them out until now - which was a mistake. They're a super-unique band, and have a lot to offer in their sound. I was listening to them today, and thought, they needed to be in my blog. They got an odd combination of elements, stretching to out sludge, grind, and industrial. This is certainly a heavy-boggle, with a meaty riff frenzy,to top it off with strange industrial sounds. The ingredients for something booming.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Zoroaster - S/T

For the past several days I've been listening to the great band " Zoroaster" And, in the feeling to get some uploading done I feel prompted to get their Deput(Demo) uploaded on my jangled blog. This is certainly a crusher of a sort - In the vein of Sleep,eyehategod, among other heavies......hhmmmmm...Their sound is powerfully sludgy, like a slug getting amplified underneath of him and has the speakers cranked up to the highest volume,so to speak. All I can say, really, is if you're crazed on bands like Sleep & Eyehategod, then check this out. You are likely to enjoy this album at a great cost.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Gates Of Slumber - Awakening

The Gates of The Slumber debut is indubitably crushing - A spreeing of Bulldozer riffs . I found their debut to be quite different from the rest of their albums, I figure they had a less of traditional influence on this album, more or less rougher sound than their others. In brief - It's pancake-flatingly Heavy Doom!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Unorthodox- Balance Of Power

Amongst the maryland bands, Unorthodox comes off as the cusp of the scene. The cream of the corp,so to speak. They should get endeared to all the heavyheads world wide by their pleasurable heaviness. Unorthodox, for instance, has a mind-bending progressive element to their music, with variable patterns and a strong muscle build-up. Their sound is certainly spellbinding which unmercifully lingers in your head and never relents. Sometimes it gives you a burden because of how catchy they are. Such soulful music that it can even empower your own soul.