Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Death Row - Alive in Death

Death Row, as far as I know the band was established by Joe Hasslevander, who played drums for Pentagram in 1978 till 1980 or something like that, then made Death Row afterwards with Victor Griffin. Once Bobby Liebling join the band, he started convincing the band to change their name to Pantagram. Which, of course, happen. Thus them re-doing old Pentagram songs. If that never happen, Pentagram, would of been CROAKED forever I believe.

They're apparently doing a reunion in Europe right now, playing at such festivals as Roadburn but without bobby Liebling . Which struck me as lame,however it's nice to see them together again. And hope in the near future they a do reunion with Bobby. In the meantime it doesn't seem much of Reunion without him.

Anyway, these are some ugly,raw recordings from The Death Row Era. Disc 1 has their Knoxville, Tennessee. Sept. 3, 1982. live show with the ghoulish track called, Committed to Vengeance, which was sadly never released for some odd reason that's beyond my knowing.

Disc 2 CD2: 1981, first Death Row jam, except tracks 7-9, 1983 demo. The first 6 tracks on this side are instrumental, three of them are sabbath covers, and the last 3 tracks are golden. I've been totally wired on the song, Whore. A classic. I believe the track wasn't released either.


Here it is!!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bong Albums!!


I just recently stumbled across this wicked band. Their sound is whipped into Sleep - dopesmoker era. Enchanting prolong speeches, repetitive patterns. A dreary atmosphere with a fuzzed out guitar. But they have that strange looking instrument that provides them with a twist, coming off as a original band. Something new

Bong - Bethmoora


Bong - Bong

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Friday, December 11, 2009

High on fire - Frost Hammer (New Track)

A Brutish Attack from High On Fire

I've met Jeff Matz before, after their gig at Eds in edmonton, roughly a year ago. I was outside eds's, in the parking lot at the time, drinking with friends. Then I spotted Jeff matz by his tour bus, I waved at him with a bottle of beer in my hand, he waved back. Shortly after, he came towards us, as I recall, and sat down with us and mingled. I remember him saying, "Matt pike is going back more to his Sleep roots with our newer album" or something like that. And I found that to be interesting.

Anyway, the new album sounds interesting. I have good expectations for it.

Lost Breed - Wino Daze

So I figure a lot of people never knew Wino did a demo with, Lost Breed. Hell, I didn't even know about this until a couple of months ago. I've been totally wired on it lately. Anyway, He only did Vocals for the band. But, as always, they're solid. This is some awesome traditional Doom at its sheer finest. INDULGE YOURSELF!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Electric Wizard – Supercoven Vinyl Re-Releases
First time official re- release.

Nice Gatefold-Sleeve. Ready to go to the pressing plant !!!

This prompted me with a huge amount of stokedness once I saw it. And I can't wait to get a copy of it when it's released. It's , after all, one of my favorite albums and my introduction to Electric Wizard. Personally, I think it's their best. The album is mind-bending, no question. Twisted Psychedelic Doom, that beats the weak to splinters.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Randy Holden - Population ii

As far as I know Randy Holden was in Blue Cheer for a short period of time, he made New! Improved! Blue Cheer with them. Which certainly doesn't come to par with their previous albums. I found it boring. I've listened to it several times, never grasped me. After that, he left. Subsequently making his solo career, which lead him to make one of the finest Heavy Rock albums of his era, with the rippest feed-back I have ever heard.

Indeed! It's a wicked album. He totally mastered the feed-back. & Heavy Rock for that matter. He was like no other in his era.

I just ordered this on vinyl. It should give my collection a nice leverage when it arrives.

Randy Holden - Population ii

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Earthride - S/T EP

I recently got plunged into Earthride binge, mostly listening to their S/T ep on my binge. It's their debut. I have immense LOVE for it . I think they stirred up a strong Saint Vitus influence here, particularly in the Scott Reager's era. Which is fuckin' fantastic, especially the roughness it brings.

The other night, in my basement, alone. I decided to crank it up, as loud as it can go, without breaking the speakers. Once the needle landed, I got blown away, by the hellish sound. And that's what Earthride does, they blow you away with their hellish sound. But shit, When it comes to maryland Heavy/Doom these days, Eartride easily takes the lead.

If you're either a Saint vitus, Pentagram, or The Obsessed fan. Or all. This is certainly a EP for you.

Oh fuck, Earthride is making a New Album. This should be a good release, as usual.
We are going in the studio this weekend to start on Something Wicked !! I will update everyone on the progress !Sherman

The Quote Of The Month

"Music has always been a matter of energy to me, a question of Fuel. Sentimental people call it Inspiration, but what they really mean is Fuel. I have always needed fuel. I am a serious consumer. On some nights I still believe that a car with the gas needle on empty can run about fifty more miles if you have the right music very loud on the radio."

Hunter S. Thompson. A quote, from a heavy writer.

Saint Vitus- Brooklny- Born Too Late

One of my clearest memories of the Saint Vitus live reunion at NYC,Brookyln was when they played, Born Too Late. Simply because of Dave Chandler's trademark in the song. And just how it starts off with the open riff, while Chandler does his sardonic facial expressions to the crowd.

During the middle of the song, he eventually places the guitar up & behind him , hitting the strings rapidly. Near the end, wino shouts out, Fuck you, and chandler begins, getting crazed over his guitar, doing some vicious feed-back. Finally, Chandler lifts the guitar towards his mouth, bites on it, skids up & down the neck of guitar feverishly with his Teeth - to Grit. Once he placed his guitar down, him & Mark Adams lash together to make the V with their guitars. Ending the show.

It was an awesome show indeed. In retrospect, it was the best show I have ever seen.


Monday, November 30, 2009


A psychedelic blitz from Italy, churning up nebulous HEAVY ROCK. in a rhythm beyond this earth.

The tone of the sound has a grainy sludge approach to it, with murky swirling vocals , that are seemingly trapped in a psychedelia realm,too damn lost to get out. While heavy orbits hover around it, colliding into each other, getting smashed to pieces. Making Heavy Sounds.

That what strikes threw my head when I listen to , Ufaomammut. I recall getting GODLIKE SNAKE album, on vinyl, from stonerock.com. Every time I give the record a spin I get mind-boggled, just because UFAOMAMMUT brings the utmost Heavy Rock experience, EVER.

If you're either a psychedelic or heavy music Fan, or both for that matter.I suggest you check out the album that I have uploaded, for good or ill.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Death- The Whole world to see........

These guys had a tremendous energy for their time, lashing out proto-punkish rock n'roll jams, up the vein of the mc5, the stooges, alice cooper(early) . Beyond that, they were among the Detroit rock scene with them. Just never got any exploitation like the other ones mentioned before since they only released a demo. However, this demo shows you they kicked out the jams as good as them, just never got their music out there. Apparently, this was a major influence for the bad brains. I heard this from various sites, and it's just noticeably clear when you listen to them. In any case, this band is a missing link, a lost gem just recently found. I deem these fuckers as worthy, a must for heavy freaks.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jex Thoth - Jex Thoth

Jex thoth strikes me as a lady who mastered the art of heavy rock. The music has an excellent vintage feel to it, drawing influences from Pentagram, Pagan Altar,and Jefferson airplane. Which is cool, for the ones who are whipped into heavy rock orgies as I am. Her voice is a bit demonic at times,enchanting spells from her bowels. The guitars are awesomely fuzzed, shrouded by a dreary organ.

Jex Thoth - Jex Thoth

Harvey Milk -My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment of What My Love Could Be

This is one hard pounding album, perhaps one of the heaviest albums I'd ever listened to. You can hear their strong Melvin influence here, bringing whole different entity to their sound. The pattern somewhat jangles into mellow & heavy dispenses, with odd drum beats at times, then,the riffs jolt out powerfully & slow, sometimes mid pace. shouting out broad & mourning vocals,coming from his bowels of misery, I take it. Definitely a cool experimental heavy rock album.

SkullFlower - Form Destroyer

In the midst of the noise genre there's a lot shit I personally find. This band, however, strikes me as an awesome band. through out all the noise I had Listened to in my time, SkullFlower is unbeaten for me when it comes to this genre. The sound shoots out shrills, in a grisly distorted manner. The riffs, are somewhat dronish & weird, whilst the drums just do their job to keep this grisly sound going.

SkullFlower - Form Destroyer

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Monster Magnet - Tab.......25

This is surly the weirdest piece from Monster magnetic, and I mean that in a good way. However, it's not that weird when comes to bands like, Can. But it's still weird. Anyway I think they were being, more so, experimental in this album , ranging from distinct influences like, hawkwind & Amon dull and among others in that vein, for instance. The sound is resonant, simply a hypnotic feel to it, especially the first track.

Monster Magnet - Tab.......25

Stonewall - Stoner

This is a wonderful album. If you're feverish about 70s obscure hardrock as I am, perhaps you'd like to check out these guys. In any case, this guys are overlooked among the other obscure 70s hardrock acts, In my opinion.

This album, for instance, has the hellish raw amp fuzz coming from Marshall amps - played ballsy - The tone is pretty grimy for their time, the solo's are edgy, the vocalist is probably some damn swill when it comes to the reefer, which probably explins why he has a rasp in his voice , who also plays the harmonica excellently. Then, they have a fuzzed out organ to
necessitate the ultimate HardRock experience, for their time

Here's the sleaze.....Stonewall - Stoner

Sons Of Otis - Temple Ball

Among the Psychedelic Doom act, these guys struck me as one hell of a thundering band. Consisting of influences from, Saint Vitus & Hawkwind, to conceive their brilliance. This album, for instance, has thunderous bluesy riffs, vocals are somewhat reverbed, with a steady heavy pounding beat. Beyond that, they have spacey effects to lure you in a trance. So here , One of their greatest albums

- Temple Ball