Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Earthride - S/T EP

I recently got plunged into Earthride binge, mostly listening to their S/T ep on my binge. It's their debut. I have immense LOVE for it . I think they stirred up a strong Saint Vitus influence here, particularly in the Scott Reager's era. Which is fuckin' fantastic, especially the roughness it brings.

The other night, in my basement, alone. I decided to crank it up, as loud as it can go, without breaking the speakers. Once the needle landed, I got blown away, by the hellish sound. And that's what Earthride does, they blow you away with their hellish sound. But shit, When it comes to maryland Heavy/Doom these days, Eartride easily takes the lead.

If you're either a Saint vitus, Pentagram, or The Obsessed fan. Or all. This is certainly a EP for you.

Oh fuck, Earthride is making a New Album. This should be a good release, as usual.
We are going in the studio this weekend to start on Something Wicked !! I will update everyone on the progress !Sherman


  1. I followed the directions on the package and may I say it is indeed, HELLISH! Maxium volume is a must!

  2. I can't believe i still haven't heard this.