Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Death Row - Alive in Death

Death Row, as far as I know the band was established by Joe Hasslevander, who played drums for Pentagram in 1978 till 1980 or something like that, then made Death Row afterwards with Victor Griffin. Once Bobby Liebling join the band, he started convincing the band to change their name to Pantagram. Which, of course, happen. Thus them re-doing old Pentagram songs. If that never happen, Pentagram, would of been CROAKED forever I believe.

They're apparently doing a reunion in Europe right now, playing at such festivals as Roadburn but without bobby Liebling . Which struck me as lame,however it's nice to see them together again. And hope in the near future they a do reunion with Bobby. In the meantime it doesn't seem much of Reunion without him.

Anyway, these are some ugly,raw recordings from The Death Row Era. Disc 1 has their Knoxville, Tennessee. Sept. 3, 1982. live show with the ghoulish track called, Committed to Vengeance, which was sadly never released for some odd reason that's beyond my knowing.

Disc 2 CD2: 1981, first Death Row jam, except tracks 7-9, 1983 demo. The first 6 tracks on this side are instrumental, three of them are sabbath covers, and the last 3 tracks are golden. I've been totally wired on the song, Whore. A classic. I believe the track wasn't released either.


Here it is!!


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