Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saint Vitus- Brooklny- Born Too Late

One of my clearest memories of the Saint Vitus live reunion at NYC,Brookyln was when they played, Born Too Late. Simply because of Dave Chandler's trademark in the song. And just how it starts off with the open riff, while Chandler does his sardonic facial expressions to the crowd.

During the middle of the song, he eventually places the guitar up & behind him , hitting the strings rapidly. Near the end, wino shouts out, Fuck you, and chandler begins, getting crazed over his guitar, doing some vicious feed-back. Finally, Chandler lifts the guitar towards his mouth, bites on it, skids up & down the neck of guitar feverishly with his Teeth - to Grit. Once he placed his guitar down, him & Mark Adams lash together to make the V with their guitars. Ending the show.

It was an awesome show indeed. In retrospect, it was the best show I have ever seen.


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