Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ramesses " Take the curse"

Here's an extremely Heavy album from Ramesses called " Take the curse" which is an album I have been currently listening to like mad. This is an album which is starkly heavy and has immense riffs of sludgness. The atmosphere is very grisly with vocals which are brutally low, yet mellow and smooth in another moments to bring indescribable sorrow.
Indeed,this is simply music of Horror Guitars are grimly tone which conveys a foulness of sound so fierce and ferocious, like a merciless demoniac giant pounding humans to an unbelievable pulp to the point which makes their recognition completely unknown and scarce as he froths wildly in his mouth while uttering beastly roars to ultimately cause DESTRUCTION....and so does this Music

Warning! Eardrums might hopelessly shatter when the music commences.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Earthride - Something Wicked

Again, Earthride never ceases to be amazingly heavy. Their new album, as I predicted, is wonderful. This is basically they same as the other albums but meatier and uglier. Dave on this album has a lot of inner anguish he unleashes, with a tremendous amount of brain-rattling riffs to put you in awe. I simply can't say anymore about this album ...because it's beyond words, or at least my words.

Monday, May 31, 2010

In memory of Phil Markonish Blood Farmers.

In memory of Phil Markonish. AKA; Dr.Phibes. With all due respects, to the man who played in Blood Farmers for a short period of time I feel obliged to post their Demo, permanent Brain Damaged. You may or not know that this is the only material he has done with Blood Farmers when he was part of the band before he left. The Demo, itself, is amazingly groovy, with Riffs that are so crushing that can possibly break your balls. To show our regards, I suggest, we play it loudly, because he was a man who loved the loud. R.I.P, man. Very unfortunate to the people who are grieving about this death.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Currently I've been listening to Pentagram- Sub-basement. The album has a monstrous tone and is catchy as hell, no doubt the best album when comes to the late penta era. It is, after all, a impressive album and certainly measures up to their early works. Bobby liebling voice on this album is stronger than ever (considering how Feeble it was on the previous album) and shall groove you, if nothing else. All in all, the album is frantically catchy and has riffs that endlessly linger in your head.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Arthur Brown - The crazy world of arthur brown

Alright, lets get started. I'm in the mood to post some 60 progressive Rock, from the legendary arthur brown. He's clearly among the most unique artists in the 60'. It's quite palpable, actually. Just by looking at his garb gives you sinister vibes, and it;s coming from the 60's. The generation of love and peace, Yet there were some bad-apples that stood out, being grim. Bringing a frightful concert to the crowd, making a possibly shuddersome show for them as well, if nothing else. He distinguish himself being evil and strange in era about being colorful & happy and anything of that sort. From a subjective point of view, I think, his music probably had a great influnce upon alice cooper when he started . thus the make-up and dark vibes in the music, as you can see and hear. It's likely to be true, but I haven't heard any fact about it. Naturally, I would look into it but I don't give a hoot fuckin' hell at this moment, sorry. Looking for stuff on the net gets me outraged sometimes and gives me the tendency to hurl records at people, so I'll like to avoid that at all costs.
Anyway, to say the least, the music is frenzidly catchy and has wicked rhythms. To let you know, incidentally, I got turned insane by how catchy his music is and got sent to the asylum several week back, all due to the fact that I couldnt stop thinking about nothing else but his damn music . But no worries now, I'm virtually sane nowadays because of the gaggle of meds I take daily, cheerio

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grand Magus - Grand Magus

My music uploading had been in hiatus for a bit, but I'm back with my naive gibberish. Currently I've been scarcely looking for bands and my exploration has been poor, due to the fact I'm lazy and unmotivated to search, but I have music to upload nonetheless. At present, I've been listening grand magus-S/T. I got this on vinyl some weeks back and it's a genuine Blusey, crusher to lull us by it's belching riffage, of sudgey heaviness. This album is certainly satisfying to the people who enjoy heavy music and feverishly lust for it. A very appropriate album if you're in a orgy of heavy music and in the need to find more bands to gratify it, this is the one. I assure you. This album roots back when the had pure heavy rock aspects in their music and played great heavy rock. Unlike those power/traditional aspects they incorporate in their music, these days, which makes them cheese ridden now , if nothing else. The album is their deput and it's a hell of a first album. As matter of fact, it's their best. The others don't measure up to this one...But hey, that's my opinion, of course. It's up to you to decide and see in your view. I can tell you this, of course. It's great! Well, anyway, I'm happy to upload and exploit the crushing madness in the blog for your access.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Lamb Of Thoth - Portents,Omen & Doom

I liked this Fuckin' album immensely when I checked it out less than a week ago. I tend to like these humorous Doom bands. Yet I always overlook the fuckers. The Lamb Of Thoth its a king-hell bastard of a listen, there music is insuppressibly catchy....And they're up the traditional vein, making some of the best sounds in the genre and are outright unique. They have to be my favorite band, of late, that I'm listening to. As I said before, with saint vitus, download or get fucked. It's rather simple if you think about it.

Indeed! so don't be a shameless loser and get fucked.

Your mouse is summon to go here, please! Enjoy.