Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grand Magus - Grand Magus

My music uploading had been in hiatus for a bit, but I'm back with my naive gibberish. Currently I've been scarcely looking for bands and my exploration has been poor, due to the fact I'm lazy and unmotivated to search, but I have music to upload nonetheless. At present, I've been listening grand magus-S/T. I got this on vinyl some weeks back and it's a genuine Blusey, crusher to lull us by it's belching riffage, of sudgey heaviness. This album is certainly satisfying to the people who enjoy heavy music and feverishly lust for it. A very appropriate album if you're in a orgy of heavy music and in the need to find more bands to gratify it, this is the one. I assure you. This album roots back when the had pure heavy rock aspects in their music and played great heavy rock. Unlike those power/traditional aspects they incorporate in their music, these days, which makes them cheese ridden now , if nothing else. The album is their deput and it's a hell of a first album. As matter of fact, it's their best. The others don't measure up to this one...But hey, that's my opinion, of course. It's up to you to decide and see in your view. I can tell you this, of course. It's great! Well, anyway, I'm happy to upload and exploit the crushing madness in the blog for your access.