Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Lamb Of Thoth - Portents,Omen & Doom

I liked this Fuckin' album immensely when I checked it out less than a week ago. I tend to like these humorous Doom bands. Yet I always overlook the fuckers. The Lamb Of Thoth its a king-hell bastard of a listen, there music is insuppressibly catchy....And they're up the traditional vein, making some of the best sounds in the genre and are outright unique. They have to be my favorite band, of late, that I'm listening to. As I said before, with saint vitus, download or get fucked. It's rather simple if you think about it.

Indeed! so don't be a shameless loser and get fucked.

Your mouse is summon to go here, please! Enjoy.

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