Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hour of 13- Hour 13

Hour of 13 are weirdly hypnotic - Accumulating influences from merciful fate, pentagram, and saint vitus, among other doom heavies. Their monotonous rhythms of the occult are baffling and strange. Saying that, their music prompts you in an inescapable trance which locks you in a creepy,cold atmosphere that jangles your brain to insanity and whitens your hair. The guitars are evilly crushing and gritty, plaguing the listener with horrors. The sound, in all, is terrific sounds of heaviness and isn't scarce to crush.


  1. whats the password!?!?

  2. Fuckin' fool! you should find it out yourself and not be foolish about it. Really, I don't know. I thought this was a link without a paas, but it's not and I got fucked. I'll look for another, or upload myself,if necessary.