Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tyrant (pre-Saint Vitus) -Demo 79

The unreal,rare Saint Vitus demo 79, This demo harks back when the band called themselves tyrant, as it were. When Dave chandler went berserk on the mic with a full-throttle, energetic howl until the bellow gallant, scott reagers came along. As far as I know this is the festering embryo of Doom ready to be unleashed to the world and endeared to the Heavy Freaks. This demo,by the way , got released on vinyl recently, but it's a bastard to find..I'm just under the impression it sold out in sudden quickness because of how obscure it is.But the MP3 alone..is rather satisfying. Anyway, this demo is ultimately essential to any kind of vitus Fan. In fact, it's a fuckin' paramount demo in which any other doom demo's are meaningless in comparison to this one........It's a king-hell bitch of a demo. So......Download this or get fucked.

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