Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pale Divine - Thunder perfect mind

After my digestion of Pale Divine - Thunder perfect mind today I'd like to lash them on my blog and write some gibberish about them and hopefully you will take the time to download this and digest it yourself,too, if you haven't already

This band is most likely to jerk your attention away by their thunderous grooves of misery which cultivates a gloomy atmosphere that never dulls out and hammers down powerful riffs of awesome on end. The whole album is consistent of power, misery, and groove and is wonderfully incessant of riffs that hammer down and muscle grooves which never stop flowing smoothly . Putting that aside, there's a guest appearance of the legendary Bobby liebling in this album and he puts on a stellar voice for their cover 20 buck spin and does vocals for their own song called "Dark Night" fantastic!!!

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