Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Minsk Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead nor Alive

Sinister-sounding psychedelia, coming from the maddeningly depths of Hell - Where demons make horrific sounds of Sludge. Which , of course, is Minsk. Yes, Minsk is neurosis-like, but they're not one of those bands that blatantly rips them off and puts a different name for themselves. If you know what I mean.....In fact,This band is virtuous for making heavy,original sounds, with some agonizingly mellow rhythms here and there. They don't bastardize neurosis, like a lot of other bands do - which is all right to an extent. This band has a terrific flow, with crushing guitars caked with sludge and tribal, lulling melodies that intermingle. Fuck, my wits get blown away every time I listen to this band as I proclaim "wicked" This band arisen from Peoria, Illnois, to make a wide-spread of shattered minds induced by their MUSIC
Beware, once downloaded, you will inevitably come to your Doom........In-Search-For-The-Heavy
is not scarce about bring
ing the crushing madness to your access .....


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