Thursday, April 8, 2010

Orodruin -Epicurean_Mass

Lately I've been driven mad,like a Doom fiend, by all this crushing madness and sorrowful grooves . But then again, am I always? It's certainly a boon to me anyhow. I have a lot of good music in my access and a fistful of fucking dollars to spend on it. I feverishly download, buy albums to the peak where I have staggering pile ready to tip at any minute. And yes, the tangents are necessary. I just had the urge to lash something that will make this description extraneous, like someone who may be a trifle crazy, or entirely.....that is. Well, finally, lets get on the focal of this description and get my head straight - It's twisted. All right lets leave the weirdness behind us now, before you lose your interest. Orodruin - I cite this band as traditional doom, but anybody who is familiar with the genre can easily cite that, too. I remember I showed this to a friend and he said " this is the clutch of doom" I resented his comment and said "No" . I guess they dimly resemble them with the riffs, but I wouldn't call them " the clutch of doom" sounds silly. The band generates a sound of riffs that crush smoothly and makes an impact of galloping misery to blot you out of your senses and put you in pain and anguish. The vocalist bellows such depressing, wizardry.

This album, beyond any doubt, is one of the best doom albums out there to find. I suggest, if your doom (or heavy) freak, to download this so it can bless you with misery and pain, to loom an ungodly darkness in your presence and put you in your Doom. Also, get groggy from liquor so you can cope with this experience and not go mad, Freaks.

If you download this and listen to it. Once your finished, sit and think about it, in calm retrospect, was this album worth it....hhmmm "It certainly fucking was" that's what you should say inside your head. If not, balefully look at my blog and spam it with your fucking hooey if you want.

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