Monday, May 10, 2010

Arthur Brown - The crazy world of arthur brown

Alright, lets get started. I'm in the mood to post some 60 progressive Rock, from the legendary arthur brown. He's clearly among the most unique artists in the 60'. It's quite palpable, actually. Just by looking at his garb gives you sinister vibes, and it;s coming from the 60's. The generation of love and peace, Yet there were some bad-apples that stood out, being grim. Bringing a frightful concert to the crowd, making a possibly shuddersome show for them as well, if nothing else. He distinguish himself being evil and strange in era about being colorful & happy and anything of that sort. From a subjective point of view, I think, his music probably had a great influnce upon alice cooper when he started . thus the make-up and dark vibes in the music, as you can see and hear. It's likely to be true, but I haven't heard any fact about it. Naturally, I would look into it but I don't give a hoot fuckin' hell at this moment, sorry. Looking for stuff on the net gets me outraged sometimes and gives me the tendency to hurl records at people, so I'll like to avoid that at all costs.
Anyway, to say the least, the music is frenzidly catchy and has wicked rhythms. To let you know, incidentally, I got turned insane by how catchy his music is and got sent to the asylum several week back, all due to the fact that I couldnt stop thinking about nothing else but his damn music . But no worries now, I'm virtually sane nowadays because of the gaggle of meds I take daily, cheerio

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