Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ramesses " Take the curse"

Here's an extremely Heavy album from Ramesses called " Take the curse" which is an album I have been currently listening to like mad. This is an album which is starkly heavy and has immense riffs of sludgness. The atmosphere is very grisly with vocals which are brutally low, yet mellow and smooth in another moments to bring indescribable sorrow.
Indeed,this is simply music of Horror Guitars are grimly tone which conveys a foulness of sound so fierce and ferocious, like a merciless demoniac giant pounding humans to an unbelievable pulp to the point which makes their recognition completely unknown and scarce as he froths wildly in his mouth while uttering beastly roars to ultimately cause DESTRUCTION....and so does this Music

Warning! Eardrums might hopelessly shatter when the music commences.

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  1. I've found tons of great music thanks to you! I remember stumbling upon this blog before, google-ing music as usual. Today though, was the first time I actually took the time to read from the first post. And may I just say Thank You! You have an excellent taste in music. I see that this last post is several months old, I hope this doesn't mean you put this blog to sleep. Because that would be a shame.