Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stonewall - Stoner

This is a wonderful album. If you're feverish about 70s obscure hardrock as I am, perhaps you'd like to check out these guys. In any case, this guys are overlooked among the other obscure 70s hardrock acts, In my opinion.

This album, for instance, has the hellish raw amp fuzz coming from Marshall amps - played ballsy - The tone is pretty grimy for their time, the solo's are edgy, the vocalist is probably some damn swill when it comes to the reefer, which probably explins why he has a rasp in his voice , who also plays the harmonica excellently. Then, they have a fuzzed out organ to
necessitate the ultimate HardRock experience, for their time

Here's the sleaze.....Stonewall - Stoner


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