Friday, March 26, 2010

Fenriz' Red Planet & Nattefrost - Engangsgrill (Split)


Last-night I came across this band called "Fenriz red planet " by fenriz from Darkthrone. His new project is very cool and badass. Right now I'm instantly drawn to upload and hastily post it. Anyway, the sound is pentgram-like and has a venomous rhythm of doom, played so evilly and harsh, as if they're maddened Satan-worshippers playing heavy music, summoning the dark spirits from beyond - Making the impending of an Apocalypse in a moonful night....Getting you scared shitless and tearful as you hear an orgiastic ritual of doom, worshiped by pentagram, but played in a more primitive and queer way. Which is wicked.( hahah that description was a bit over the top)

Seriously, this is a great Split (well, mainly freniz red planet part) that has the nice aspects of traditional doom in it. And it's nice to see Fenriz doing a doom project that turned out to be good and worthy among heavy listeners. And the other part of the album hardly matters to talk about.

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