Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amon Duul ii - Phallus Dei

Amon Duul is clearly a bizarre band, coming from Germany and are labeled as kruat-rock. I find their music to me an original listen and has the potential to put you in a Mind-Fuck state. Their sound has that insane, perverse feel to it, which gives you the spooks and trembles at times. I was listening to them lastnight and it dug it immensely, for the love of weird/psyche sounds that puts you in an odd state, where you question your own sanity............... Every time I listen to this band I conjure up scenes in Alejandro Jodowsky movies, especially el Topo - which one of the strangest and most mind-fucked movie's ever made......A phenomenal mind-fuck, for a western. To put everything,in short- Amon duul ii - is a garage-like, experimental, psychedelic band.

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