Friday, January 22, 2010

I saw Monotonix..................Crazy!!

My screed of gibberish on the monotonix show I saw.

The show was at New City,a place normally frequented by goths but lastnight it had a different breed of people- Hipsters. As I waited for Monotonix I saw the opening acts, they were, paul james coutts and cows and The get Down. The first band were decent, but the get down were powerful as usual. The place was dingy when the first 2 bands played but when Monotonix came on to set up the place brighten up a bit. That's when I noticed, The fat was in the fire and this band was ready to inflame the crowd by their rock n roll. They set up their gear on the floor do something unique & unusual, as it were. They had a queer antic by dressing in their underwear, because they presumably felt they needed to shed off their pants and shirts to have a weird garb for their act. They were,after all, foreign, . From Israel to be a exact. The crowd were drinking beer to get crazy while they kept on setting up their gear, then boom, they went off......Making a rock n roll frenzy....Three fucking loonies going nuts. The crowd were beating up each other like gongs as they played. The lead singer folly crowd surfed while he sang, getting the crowd crazier as he surf on top of them. Suddenly he drifted to this edge and sang there. Crazy bastard I thought...He was a distance away from his band members. He sang there momentarily and went back down to finish the song. Once the new song started he went to the washroom and came back afterward with a garbage can which hurled towards the crowd causing a bad mess. The vocalist had a borat-esque mustache with stringly long curly hair. The guy was a lunatic with the likelihood to be known as a crazy Rock N Roll vocalist amongst other crazies like Iggy pop. The rest of the show was sheer craziness. It's seldom that I see great shows like these which I'm glad I took it for granted.

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