Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spirit Caravan - Dream Wheel

It may seem as though i don't give a hoot in hell to post anything in my blog anymore, but I do. I've just been living in a orgy of laziness lately so I've been too lazy to post anything meanwhile till now. Well I enough of this hooey..... Here I present you with Spirit Caravan - Dreamwheel. The eminent merryland heavy rockers with their deafening ep - Dream wheel. This is some Brain-rattling heavy rock that can for sure crank you up while you listen to it. In fact most of wino's material is good. The word mediocre is an elusive word as you probe through his discography.

The little description above should give you the certainty that this EP is a worthwhile download without any doubts. HA!

Incidentally, I've seen wino perform before when I attended the saint vitus reunion in NYC.
He's like a maddened werewolf when he performs, acting as if he wants to tare you to shreds and eat your remains as he gives you the wild-eye, as it were. My dad who was accompanying me when i saw vitus got scared shitless and shuddered badly from his performance. He wasn't able to speak for several days thereafter. It just proves to show you how righteously bad-ass wino is live......But keep in mind that the people who are not familiar with him can consequently turn ill by his terrorizing performance.

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