Saturday, January 2, 2010

El Topo -(1971)

El Topo, a classic Mexican film hailed by John lennon & Yoko Ono enough that it was shown at midnight in many cinemas for years, and helped bring attention for such films as, Rocky Horror Picture Show and David Lynch's Eraserhead.
It's often regarded as one of the original cult films that spawned the Midnight Movie craze of the seventies. The theme is very unconventional for a western movie.

I was really astounded by how many levels the movie captures, From drama, humor, violence,
and just really asbsurd moments I don't know what to call them. I find it hard to describe this film becuase it's journey through a surreal desert, and often bloody one. It appears to flow like a visual in very experimental way. I'll stop there, the movie is really hard to describe . The whole movie is just a new visual experience, giving you a brain -boggle. It's just really an innovative piece of art that needs to be experienced. Alejandro Jodorowsky was very creative, and always be remembered for making the strangest movies of all time.

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