Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Tingler - William Castle - 1959

The movie stars the notorious actor of horror, Vicent Price, as a Doctor who discovers that Fear can manifest as parasite creature, which grows on peoples spinal cord from their fear. The tingler can only be destroyed if they were to scream. If they don't, the tingler crawls on their spinal cord and kills them.

On this film William Castle devised a new gimmick called Percepto. The theaters who would participate on this gimmick would wire the seats so that the people would get a thrilling shock during the climatic moments in the movie. Another interesting thing he used in this movie to make a ultimate effect was to depict blood pouring out of faucet and filling a bathtub. The whole cinematography in this movie is fantastic with a very original, shrewd plot.

I gotta say this is the funniest but coolest saying I ever heard in a movie -
Lucy Stevens: Dave, that drug you brought...David Morris: It's not a drug, it's an Acid

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