Saturday, January 2, 2010

Psychomania review 1974 - My first movie review on this blog

Pyschomania, when this movie first came out people didn't know what to make out of it, if it were A horror? Biker Movie? Black Comedy? After watching it a few times I can honestly say it's a combination of all it. Which are fantastic elements to put all in one movie. The script is wickedly funny, played out by a young crew of British actors who do a solid job.

The plot involves a biker gang called, The Living Dead. who embark havoc around the city. Once their leader gets ahold of his mother's occutism secerts to become Immortal by commiting sucide, then believing you can come back in order to obtain this immortality. If you don't, you're forever dead. And by doing this he gets help from the Devil and some occult rituals involving toads, in a surrealistic room. A very strange scene in the movie but it's an awesome one.Subsequently he persuades the rest of his biker gang to do the same thing as well, but a few don't believe, and don't come back. Making a gang of un-dead bikers. The movie really conjures a nice picture of teenage suicide, occult worship, meaningless violence and a lack of respect for authority I gotta say.

I dug the movie immensely. It's really an inventive piece of flim. There was nothing like this flim when it came out, or even now for that matter. If you're into cult movies. I highly recommend you getting this flim.

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