Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today I feel like getting bogged down and writing a little screed about my pentagram experience- to wit. This idyllic experience happened during last summer in Seattle where me and my friend went there for a couple of days to see Pentagram. Which ended up being an awesome experience. Sadly my recollection of the show is somewhat dim, so I added an unnecessary beginning to lengthen it. Nonetheless it's a funny read. I pretty much joked around when i wrote it, acting as if were some Beatnik.

The Pentagram Story

I remember me and my friend got ourselves in a stark bummer because neither of us could buy beer from the nearest gas station by the venue - where Penatgram was playing at - before the show. Luckily a couple of characters came by us whom we persuaded them to boot beer for us. They did it willingly. We sat on the curb for several minutes till they came back outta the store with a gaggle of blue stripe for us. We thanked them. Thereafter we assembled behind the venue and swilled our beers down. Meanwhile the opening acts were playing. We were there for an hour or so jabbering away about pentagram and other righteous acts we had in common with them. Once we finished our beer we discarded the empties by the wall of the venue all jumbled up for some poverty-stricken wino to pick up. As we arrived to the doors we had some minor trouble because they had frivolous regulations on how we needed a stamp to get in so they know that we are not using anyone else's tickets. Prior t0 this, we got our tickets ripped and thought it was needless to ask for a stamp because they didn't offer us one. I felt a bit enraged and told him " we didn't come all the way from edmonton, alberta to sneak in your venue, as I did this, I showed him my ID and he let us in cordially once he saw it. Then I walked in and saw bobby looming out to the stage, as I recall, with his wild-eyes bulging out from his sockets, doom-stricken stringey gray hair, with his whiskers dangling below his noise. He seemed like a man with a notion to play some genuine heavy rock t0 full-bore so it could excite the crowd at that moment. Which he ended up doing after all. Then BANG! They started playing Wheel Of Fortune. As I watched this I felt Awe-struck. It was after all a dreamlike spectacle for me and I was there in the midst of it. Bobby, who was being bewildered at time was giving a frenzied dance for his performance as he gave ghoulish facial expressions to the crowd so it could give send a doomlike shiver down their spine. The rest of the set was -

"Forever My Queen"
"Review Your Choices"
"Walk In The Blue Light"
"Take No More"
"Lazy Lady" (Friday night only)
"All Your Sins"
"Earth Flight"
"South Of The Swamp"
"20 Buck Spin"
"Sign Of The Wolf"
"When The Screams Come"

Bobby gave a melancholy chant for all these song which chilled the crowd.

As the show ended I went outside and caught bobby by his tour bus, I asked him to take a photo with me and he seemed happy to do so. Once the photo was taken I stutterily said, P-p..entagram is the p..pinnacle of 70s hardrock, to show my deference to the guy. I noticed tears sunk down his face and dribbled off his whiskers to hit the ground , like rain hitting a leaf then falling to the ground. After I saw that I got overwhelmed. Sadly my mind was jangled from drink soI wasn't able to keep a sensible conversation going, as it were. After that we fled back to our hotels. As dawn approached us our brains felt shattered as we woke up from what we saw lastnight.

Hahahah and that's one of my stories on - in search for the heavy.

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