Monday, February 8, 2010

The New HOF Song is an UGH-STRUCK

I just listened to the New High On fire track and found it to be a stone-bummer that matt pike is soulless nowadays. It's a fucking mockery of cliche metal, mixed with some old high on fire elements . A terrible kind of heavy, as it seems. In any case, The band has slandered themselves with this garbage. They rendered their potential on making a great album, to shit-metal for money and waterhead fans. I can't believe a prominent musician like Matt Pike in the Doom/Heavy Genre is brazen about releasing music like this......Geeez!!! what the hell happen? you totally crippled my hopes for your new album, and for any other album after that. I don't even wanna go to anymore live HOF shows, either. To hell with your shit mike, you suck!

Fucking shucks! I even have the inclination to throw all my Hof albums in the dumpster because of how disappointed I am.

1 comment:

  1. My thoughts exactly, been waiting for this thing
    for a longtime, and was hoping to hear
    something in the vein of Black Wings,
    but this is generic piece of shit.