Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Lamb Of Thoth - Portents,Omen & Doom

I liked this Fuckin' album immensely when I checked it out less than a week ago. I tend to like these humorous Doom bands. Yet I always overlook the fuckers. The Lamb Of Thoth its a king-hell bastard of a listen, there music is insuppressibly catchy....And they're up the traditional vein, making some of the best sounds in the genre and are outright unique. They have to be my favorite band, of late, that I'm listening to. As I said before, with saint vitus, download or get fucked. It's rather simple if you think about it.

Indeed! so don't be a shameless loser and get fucked.

Your mouse is summon to go here, please! Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tyrant (pre-Saint Vitus) -Demo 79

The unreal,rare Saint Vitus demo 79, This demo harks back when the band called themselves tyrant, as it were. When Dave chandler went berserk on the mic with a full-throttle, energetic howl until the bellow gallant, scott reagers came along. As far as I know this is the festering embryo of Doom ready to be unleashed to the world and endeared to the Heavy Freaks. This demo,by the way , got released on vinyl recently, but it's a bastard to find..I'm just under the impression it sold out in sudden quickness because of how obscure it is.But the MP3 rather satisfying. Anyway, this demo is ultimately essential to any kind of vitus Fan. In fact, it's a fuckin' paramount demo in which any other doom demo's are meaningless in comparison to this one........It's a king-hell bitch of a demo. So......Download this or get fucked.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pale Divine - Thunder perfect mind

After my digestion of Pale Divine - Thunder perfect mind today I'd like to lash them on my blog and write some gibberish about them and hopefully you will take the time to download this and digest it yourself,too, if you haven't already

This band is most likely to jerk your attention away by their thunderous grooves of misery which cultivates a gloomy atmosphere that never dulls out and hammers down powerful riffs of awesome on end. The whole album is consistent of power, misery, and groove and is wonderfully incessant of riffs that hammer down and muscle grooves which never stop flowing smoothly . Putting that aside, there's a guest appearance of the legendary Bobby liebling in this album and he puts on a stellar voice for their cover 20 buck spin and does vocals for their own song called "Dark Night" fantastic!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Orodruin -Epicurean_Mass

Lately I've been driven mad,like a Doom fiend, by all this crushing madness and sorrowful grooves . But then again, am I always? It's certainly a boon to me anyhow. I have a lot of good music in my access and a fistful of fucking dollars to spend on it. I feverishly download, buy albums to the peak where I have staggering pile ready to tip at any minute. And yes, the tangents are necessary. I just had the urge to lash something that will make this description extraneous, like someone who may be a trifle crazy, or entirely.....that is. Well, finally, lets get on the focal of this description and get my head straight - It's twisted. All right lets leave the weirdness behind us now, before you lose your interest. Orodruin - I cite this band as traditional doom, but anybody who is familiar with the genre can easily cite that, too. I remember I showed this to a friend and he said " this is the clutch of doom" I resented his comment and said "No" . I guess they dimly resemble them with the riffs, but I wouldn't call them " the clutch of doom" sounds silly. The band generates a sound of riffs that crush smoothly and makes an impact of galloping misery to blot you out of your senses and put you in pain and anguish. The vocalist bellows such depressing, wizardry.

This album, beyond any doubt, is one of the best doom albums out there to find. I suggest, if your doom (or heavy) freak, to download this so it can bless you with misery and pain, to loom an ungodly darkness in your presence and put you in your Doom. Also, get groggy from liquor so you can cope with this experience and not go mad, Freaks.

If you download this and listen to it. Once your finished, sit and think about it, in calm retrospect, was this album worth it....hhmmm "It certainly fucking was" that's what you should say inside your head. If not, balefully look at my blog and spam it with your fucking hooey if you want.

Hour of 13- Hour 13

Hour of 13 are weirdly hypnotic - Accumulating influences from merciful fate, pentagram, and saint vitus, among other doom heavies. Their monotonous rhythms of the occult are baffling and strange. Saying that, their music prompts you in an inescapable trance which locks you in a creepy,cold atmosphere that jangles your brain to insanity and whitens your hair. The guitars are evilly crushing and gritty, plaguing the listener with horrors. The sound, in all, is terrific sounds of heaviness and isn't scarce to crush.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Minsk Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead nor Alive

Sinister-sounding psychedelia, coming from the maddeningly depths of Hell - Where demons make horrific sounds of Sludge. Which , of course, is Minsk. Yes, Minsk is neurosis-like, but they're not one of those bands that blatantly rips them off and puts a different name for themselves. If you know what I mean.....In fact,This band is virtuous for making heavy,original sounds, with some agonizingly mellow rhythms here and there. They don't bastardize neurosis, like a lot of other bands do - which is all right to an extent. This band has a terrific flow, with crushing guitars caked with sludge and tribal, lulling melodies that intermingle. Fuck, my wits get blown away every time I listen to this band as I proclaim "wicked" This band arisen from Peoria, Illnois, to make a wide-spread of shattered minds induced by their MUSIC
Beware, once downloaded, you will inevitably come to your Doom........In-Search-For-The-Heavy
is not scarce about bring
ing the crushing madness to your access .....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lord Vicar - FEAR NO PAIN

It's time for some sorrowful Doom to start this day out, for good or bad. Lord Vicar emerged from Sweden and contains Ex-members from Revered bizarre and Count Raven, to make the manifestation of an enormous,Heavy Dirge. Their booming, crushing riffs saddens many, traps them in a web of misery and chills their spines relentlessly. This is a king-size Doom heavy, so be prepared when you Download this.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Gates of Slumber - Suffer no Guilt

It's Sunday and I've just awoken from a very restful snooze. Anyway This gates of slumber album has been belching out of my speakers lately, and it's such a crusher that's irresistible not to listen to, much less think about . Their Heavy is loose and powerfully crushing, conjuring up a gang of vikings pounding their feet and bellowing madness, in a violent battle that harks back centuries ago...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ramesses - Baptism Of The Walking Dead Ep

Ramesses, consisting of ex-members from Electric Wizard - The band has a fouled up sound of sludge and filth. I had this album hoarded away in my music folder for awhile and hardly gave it listens until today, where I decided to and got amazed on why I haven't listen to this album more times than I should have.. I got totally pulled away by their deadly sloth. Their rhythms are dark and sinister - attention grasping..... haunting growls and meaty sounding guitars. How could you not get locked up in a frenzied binge with these guys? It's nearly in impossible not to. Now listen and lure yourself in Ramesses a binge